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Default Re: Mission RP Prize List

Originally Posted by Trainer17 View Post
Oh yeah, Point taken, and post edited. So in all, You should get 5k Park Credits(to be spent in the Park Mart), 2 Max Potions and the refund of $2,500.

A month? It was merely 18 days, dear. Btw, the prizes are based on how far/in-depth have the Mission RP have been covered, along with some other Goals/Accomplishments done by the Teams. Looking at your Team currently, not even 1/5th of the whole RP Mission has been completed, nor any Goals/Accomplisments made.

Just be glad you got some credits and items(for completing just one battle and another battle hanging in hiatus), also thanks to your recent referal, the refund of the Aura Reader.

I'll take your word for that, however, why do the Rangers get a free moon? As far as I can see some of them posted even less than the Rangers, and it's not like they've done something really spectacularly hard, have they? (I don't mean to offend any Rangers, so don't take it personally, I'm just complaining about the lack of fairness)

And, DG said at the beginning that Rangers will get special WAGES, and not mons, so this could hardly have been decided by DG (and even it was, that's not the point really)

About the Aura Reader being refunded, it's the whole time issue again. How long would it have taken us to make 5k-7k? Like one or two days? What happens to all the time we spent waiting for the Mission to go forward, and after that five weeks for the prizes to be announced.

Another point, was it our fault that the RP was abandoned. Iirc, the trainers were responding quickly enough (atleast our team, and specifically, I was). It was the Rangers who weren't able to cope up and hence the RP had to be abandoned.

How do you expect us to be glad after waiting 2+ months and then getting 5k back


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