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Default Re: Mission RP Prize List

Originally Posted by Trainer17 View Post
It was by DG when I last spoke with him. If you don't believe me, go talk to him for confirmation. I'm not going to bother your posts anymore or do I have the time to listen to your complaints. Either claim the stuff, or just leave it be.

Why bother replying to that either then? Probably because you don't have any answer to the rest?

It would have been better if you had just told us, Hey, here's your 2.5k refund, be glad you even got that.

I checked just now, and Rangers have made 2-4 posts whereas Trainers have made 6-7 posts. And then all you officials talk about being fair -_- And you don't even bother to explain.

EDIT: @ your edit: I really would take it to DG, the only problem is that he comes online once in a blue moon.


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