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Default Re: Mission RP Prize List

Originally Posted by Trainer17 View Post
Team 1

Bee – 7k Park Credits + 2 HyperBalls
Shock, Tsukikaiki – 5k Park Credits + 2 Max Potions each
Sec, Kiraethidae – 3k Park Credits + 2 Pokedolls each

Team 2

Neltharion_deathwing – 7k Park Credits + Digital Camera
Iridium, Keion – 5k Park Credits + 2 Max Potions each
Ragnarokk – 3k Park Credits + 2 Pokedolls

and you get a refund of the Aura Readers; $2.5k return to you guys.

Update Rangers

Pokemon of your choice from Easiest - Medium range.

Park Credits are supposed to be used only, not exchanged for money. You can use it at anytime, anywhere, etc. Just link this post when you're making purchases.
Ranger prizes by DarkGardevoir. The rest by Myself, and this whole process/Pokemon range was okay'd by Ataro.
Oh yeah, just reply here to claim your stuff. Have a nice day

Originally Posted by Iridium View Post
So, I only get $4.5k? Don't forget we spent $2,500 on the Aura Reader.

Nice prize for spending a month on something and then getting 4.5k in return. Really nice.

And for making four posts, a Ranger gets a Medium mon? And again, I thought the Park was about the Trainers catching Pokemon, and the Rangers getting paid. Nice change =/
Last I checked, Rangers do get paid... in wages. This was an event, or so I thought, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. As such, there is nothing wrong with them recieving a Pokemon under the circumstances, at least in the difficulty ranges given. Were it harder or above, you'd have a valid complaint, but they aren't and you don't.

Originally Posted by Iridium View Post
I'll take your word for that, however, why do the Rangers get a free moon? As far as I can see some of them posted even less than the Rangers, and it's not like they've done something really spectacularly hard, have they? (I don't mean to offend any Rangers, so don't take it personally, I'm just complaining about the lack of fairness)

And, DG said at the beginning that Rangers will get special WAGES, and not mons, so this could hardly have been decided by DG (and even it was, that's not the point really)

About the Aura Reader being refunded, it's the whole time issue again. How long would it have taken us to make 5k-7k? Like one or two days? What happens to all the time we spent waiting for the Mission to go forward, and after that five weeks for the prizes to be announced.

Another point, was it our fault that the RP was abandoned. Iirc, the trainers were responding quickly enough (atleast our team, and specifically, I was). It was the Rangers who weren't able to cope up and hence the RP had to be abandoned.

How do you expect us to be glad after waiting 2+ months and then getting 5k back
Please do tell how much effort was put in during those two months. By your own admission most of it was spent waiting. If you want time refunded, then I suggest to you the same I do to everyone else, quit this INTERNET, TEXT BASED GAME and go discover life and the opposite sex. Less rewarding probably, but hopefully more fun...

Originally Posted by Iridium View Post
Why bother replying to that either then? Probably because you don't have any answer to the rest?

It would have been better if you had just told us, Hey, here's your 2.5k refund, be glad you even got that.

I checked just now, and Rangers have made 2-4 posts whereas Trainers have made 6-7 posts. And then all you officials talk about being fair -_- And you don't even bother to explain.

EDIT: @ your edit: I really would take it to DG, the only problem is that he comes online once in a blue moon.
You know what? I got a medium mon during Stinky's auction for simply participating, you know how I participated? One battle which I lost, and a single joke bid. At least they made posts. Everybody that got an after auction mon didn't do a damn thing to deserve yet they got one anyway, why? Because it was an event, same as this.

Now if you'd like it all to be fair, I can tally up the character ranges of everyone's post and give them the magikarp they so richly deserve.


Or people can stop complaining already and take what they are given.

It's a game people, A GAME, it isn't like we are stealing from you irl and it's not like we said, "Well, it ended, too bad you all get nothing, bai"
Be glad you were given what you were.

Now, unless somone has something constructive to say, this thread is reserved for claiming what has been posted, I suggest the thread be used in that manner.


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