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Default Re: Mission RP Prize List

Originally Posted by SiberianTiger View Post
You know what? I got a medium mon during Stinky's auction for simply participating, you know how I participated? One battle which I lost, and a single joke bid. At least they made posts. Everybody that got an after auction mon didn't do a damn thing to deserve yet they got one anyway, why? Because it was an event, same as this.

Now if you'd like it all to be fair, I can tally up the character ranges of everyone's post and give them the magikarp they so richly deserve.

And what did we do? Sit and watch them making posts? Didn't we do the same, if not extra posts than they made? Why then do they get mons and we get stuff that we probably never will use?

And yes, I'd like you to tally up the character ranges please, and give everyone mons according to how much they wrote.

EDIT: I just did it myself, my total comes out to be some 12k, Sam's comes out to be 18k (both Medium range), Eeveedude's comes out to be 5k, Sheep's 11k and Jackson's 5k again. That's what I'm trying to stress, the rangers haven't done anything extra really, and the prizes should be the same as well.


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