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Default Re: [RP] Road Last Traveled - The Fallarbor Town Massacre [PG-13]

Sunday, August 17th - Day


Investigation by Professor Robert Klein
The Jackson Farmstead Exterior

Investigation on the tool shed reveals that the farming and workshop equipment, while slightly worn with use and age, doesn’t seem to have been used to inflict injury on anyone. Both you and Officer Stan Phillips investigate the shed and its surrounding environment only to conclude that none of these tools were used to hurt anyone.

After closely examining the disturbance in the ashy brush, you manage to uncover evidence that distinctly suggests that whoever made this disturbance continued down the road, though the trail here is not as clear albeit still evident. The traveler continued south, past the paved road that runs along the Carver Ranch before continuing on the dirt road.

Following these tracks, you and Officer Stan Phillips find that they eventually lead to the Graystone House…

Investigation by El Amarese
Officer Hides

I had been working to figure out where the hell these five maggots were. It was a real damn shame that this town didn’t have an electric chair to use so we could fry their asses, but at least Rustboro City had one for us to use. And I swore, I’d take a whole week off just to watch all five of them cook in their seat.

“Excuse me,” Someone asked me, “but would you have time for a few questions? I was wondering, have you heard of anyone in town having schizophrenia, or claiming to hear voices that aren't there? And do you know where that diary page from Exodus was found?”

I looked up and saw it was a girl one of the other officers told me was El Amarese, a tall, young girl that had been trying to help me nab these bastards so I could watch them burn. Well, I figured helping her wouldn’t hurt me, because I was certainly drawing a blank when it came to bagging them.

“Schizophrenia…” I spoke to her, trying to remember exactly how many people had gotten that in this sleepy town over the years, “I’d say you’ve got quite a few. That quack Morgan Smith by the clinic, he’s got something going on in his head. Same time, you’ve got Eric Baker who’s a paranoid little prick who has called the cops over bumps in the night, now especially. Then there’s Oswald Lanterman, who’s a personal favorite of mine. That guy came out of rehab but I definitely don’t think they kept him in that padded room wearing a straightjacket long enough. Still, I could name ten more people I don’t think are kosher either, including that Ashcroft punk, the whole f**cking Wallis family, and that b*tch Wendy Lawrence. And I don’t like that Pastor Richards maggot either, but I’m just taking a guess there. He’s probably got voices going off in his head all the time about how damn self-righteous he is and how sinful everyone else is. Personally, I thought he would have been the first man those murderers put six feet under.”

And then I remember she asked about the diary page. Yeah, there was something about that.

“Oh yeah, the Exodus diary page,” I told her, almost forgetting that. “Speaking of the devil, Pastor Richards turned that in himself. As much as I’d like to haul his ass into jail, I highly doubt he’s Exodus. He sure as hell wouldn’t write like that.”

“Well, I guess looking at the town nutjobs isn’t a bad idea,” I told El, glad to finally have a second brain working on the same crap I had to deal with daily. “I’ll let you know if we find anything else. Trust me, I stopped giving a flying f**k about the red tape a while ago. In the meantime, I’ve got another Exodus diary page that I picked up myself about a week ago before you guys came from the bus.”

Evidence #9 – Exodus Diary Entry #2

“I don’t know who the hell Charm is, but its definitely a Pokémon,” I told her, knowing that much was obvious. “Problem is there are too many damn Pokémon trainers around here and not everyone knows their god-damned nicknames. See if you can do anything with it. Hell’s missing a fallen angel and its about time someone help that wretch find their way back.”

Investigation by “J” John Kenwood
Dr. Morgan Smith

Upon arriving at the Fallarbor Medical Clinic, one of the observations you make is that the medical clinic itself is run by three doctors: Dr. Kyle Vickers, Dr. Robert Hammond, and Dr. Morgan Smith, who as you already know, recently came back to Fallarbor Town. As you can tell, the clinic is underfunded and all three doctors appear to be extremely busy going over patient records and performing the role of receptionist as they don’t appear to have the funding to hire one.

Dr. Kyle Vickers, who is the head doctor of the clinic, seems more on the diplomatic side, and also seems to be the most preferred doctor out of the three when it comes to patient preference. He also seems to be intellectually capable and has a strong attentiveness for details. You also notice that he doesn’t seem to mind conversing with Dr. Robert Hammond regarding patient symptoms and diagnosis, but he seems to keep his distance from Dr. Morgan Smith and only approaches him when he needs to.

Dr. Robert Hammond seems to be more of an elitist, as if in competition with Dr. Vickers, though he doesn’t openly admit to it. He also seems to be arrogant and haughty, where Dr. Vickers seems to know the answers, Hammond believes he knows the answers but you can tell he’s not always 100% sure or correct about that. In truth, he doesn’t mind conversing with Dr. Vickers regarding patient status, but he does associate with Dr. Morgan Smith much more than Dr. Vickers does.

Dr. Morgan Smith seems more on the troubled side, seemingly detached from the rest of what’s going on as if distracted by something else. From observing him, you can determine that while Dr. Kyle Vickers has the most amount of medical knowledge and expertise, Dr. Morgan Smith is not far behind him, and seems especially skilled with treating kidney dialysis, especially in Gregory Ashcroft’s case as you learn he needs to come to the clinic every two months for dialysis.

Eventually, after meeting with other patients, Dr. Hammond approaches you in the patient waiting room.

“Hello there,” Dr. Hammond tells you, “have you been here before?”


Brad Coleman

I managed to convince someone in town to help me find out what the hell was going on. Truthfully, I would have liked to have Jason Taylor, but he was too damn busy running his store. Guess enough people hadn’t died yet to convince him to close that place down for a while and start helping the rest of the people here try to keep their asses alive. So instead, I got Sonya Harding, who seemed to be scared but also wanted to put an end to this. Naturally, that left me in the front while she followed from behind.

I got word that those people from the bus already checked out the Mason Residence, but didn’t find very much over there. As for the old school house, I heard that Angela Feyr found the place as a total bloodbath, likely the spot where The Skull was killing his victims. Meanwhile, Officer Conrad had found Cook’s dead body in the Modrak house. The answers were obvious, the killers were using the abandoned areas of town as slaughterhouses. The only reason the cops hadn’t torn this section of town apart was because they didn’t have warrants and couldn’t go to a judge to get them.

“Isn’t this trespassing?” Sonya asked me as I got closer to the abandoned Smoky Peak Tavern.

“Probably, but whoever owns this place is probably dead by now,” I told her as I got closer to the half-collapsed building. “Its either them or us.”

As I approached the door with my handgun in one hand, I grabbed the doorknob and quickly realized the door was only attached to the bottom hinge as I opened the door. I threw it open, and long and behold, the door just came right off. Shrugging it aside, I walked in, unable to see anything. After me, Sonya came in with the flashlight, and we used it to look around. I felt like an idiot for not bringing my own, but I didn’t think I would need it. Problem was it was too damn dark in here now.

After making our way around the broken tables, smashed glass, and the busted old billiards table, that’s when we found it. Barry Gallo had been missing for a while, and this was obviously the reason why. As I had suspected, I turned the body over to see who had claimed him as their victim.

Meanwhile, bloody lacerations were all over the place. His white t-shirt was now browned with dried blood all over it. I hadn’t seen one of the murders up close like this, but I could tell whatever this guy had been stabbed or cut with had to be extremely sharp.

“Good god, that’s disgusting!” Sonya screamed at the sight of it.

“Shut up before someone hears you,” I snapped at her as I continued looking over the body, knowing I sure as hell didn’t want to become Scarecrow’s next two victims. “Just relax for two damn minutes, I’m trying to see if I can find anything.”

After searching around the ground, I managed to pick up what looked like an old photograph. I couldn’t see it that well, but from what I could figure out, it seemed like something Scarecrow had left behind.

Evidence #10 – The Smoky Tavern Message

“Gimme that,” I told Sonya as I took the flashlight out of Sonya’s hand, really not feeling like asking her first.

“Look, I’m just going to wait outside, alright?” She asked me, obviously too squeamish. “I don’t like the sight of blood.”

“Suit yourself,” I told her as I shone the flashlight on the photograph. “What did you think we were going to find doing this? Cookies and cupcakes?”

I then read it over, and it followed through with what was revealed earlier. The Skull and Scarecrow had it in for each other, while Exodus, Jigsaw, and Severance were off doing their own thing. From what I could tell, it seemed like the other three really didn’t take this as seriously as the other two did.

I tried to look around to see if I could find anything else…

Sister Abigail Rosemary

I had decided to follow Coleman and Harding from a distance, not liking the fact we now had more people up and running about. I didn’t trust them, and I wasn’t about to rule out the possibility that two of the killers might be working together. As I had seen them moving about in the shadows, I watched them head to the abandoned tavern around the southern area of town. From my angle, I couldn’t see what they were up to, but I didn’t like it. While they approached from the west side, I headed toward the east, heading into the ashy bushes to see if I could learn anything.

I saw them head inside, but shortly after, Harding emerged from the back. She must have been keeping watch…

Pastor Richards

It was the third time today that Abigail went snooping about. Rosemary… something about the name and the evidence the police were finding. Typically, I knew it was none of my business, something that Abigail should have picked up on a while ago, but she didn’t. And I ended up learning that one of the killers was using a rose insignia. I didn’t believe in coincidences, and I knew there was something about that woman that I didn’t like. That, and the fact I had found a diary entry by Exodus right in the very back of the church!

I was no detective, but I could see a pattern building. I saw her from a distance, going into the bushes behind the abandoned area of town, hiding and watching.

I didn’t like it one bit. As I pulled the revolver out, waiting and watching, I knew that a shepherd had to protect his flock from the wolves…

Brad Coleman

I had searched around the tavern one last time before I was convinced there was nothing left here. I even found myself looking over an old menu like three times for any cryptic clues, but I tossed it aside, feeling like an idiot. I figured I had kept Sonya waiting long enough, though I could see how pointless it was for me to bring her along.

As soon as I stepped outside, I suddenly noticed Sonya was gone. But then, in the distance, I saw someone running toward another person. I couldn’t tell if it was her or someone else. However, at that moment, I suddenly heard a gunshot. The person pursuing the escapee suddenly went down. Quickly grabbing my pistol, I tried to aim for the person that was running away. There had to be a reason why they were running, and I figured that must have been Sonya running after her, though I wasn’t quite sure.

The one who was previously being chased suddenly went down, but at the moment, another gunshot fired out and suddenly I felt an explosion of pain in my left leg. I immediately collapsed, and I went down hard, hitting my head against a rock.

Everything went black.

* * *

I woke up with no idea what the hell just happened. After sitting up, I looked around, and tried to figure out where I was. Again, I remembered I was behind the tavern and I tried to recollect what just happened. Now I was covered with ashes. I wiped them off, and crawled to see what the hell happened back there. Once I got there, I came across a pretty startling revelation.

Sonya Harding was dead. I turned her over, and I saw something I definitely hadn’t expected to see.

What the hell?

My head was hurting, and as I suspected, I had blood dripping down from my forehead from where I hit the rock. In the meantime, I tried to find the second person that had been running away, only I couldn’t find them anywhere in the ashy bushes and already my leg was killing me. Was that Severance that killed Sonya? Who the hell was she running after?

Pastor Richards

I knew I had to get out of there. What was done was done, and I was not about to stop to see what would come of it.

As I turned and ran toward the old McMillian house, I suddenly heard several blasts of gunfire, and I felt like my back was suddenly torn open. I fell to the ground, and after using the last of my energy to turn onto my back, I looked at who had fired the gun. I was horrified to see who it was.

“No…” I gasped, barely able to speak. “It can’t be you…”

“But it is,” He told me. “I’m not playing by the rules anymore. You certainly didn’t.”

He then took the rifle and fired at me directly. As everything went black, I could only hope God would forgive me…


Desmond "Dez" Hewgill – Played by mightydes
Jack Peel – Played by Altrius
Angela Feyr – Played by Grsspkmnmaster
Dylan Lonator – Played by Dylan
Professor Robert Klien – Played by Mewcario
Elizabeth "El" Amarese (AH-mah-rees) – Played by Draconic Espeon
Adelaine “Dela” Nikkol Jacobsma – Played by Tiana M
Trey Neverson – Played by ashketchum
John Kenwood – Played by Necros
Allen Thaddeus St. James – Played by Lonsie

Officer John Frederickson (1)
Officer Dave Conrad (1)
Matt Dietrich (2)
Hank Underhill (2)
Peter Fields (2)
David Coopers (3)
Kevin Jackson (5)
Samantha Jackson (5)
Paul Jackson (5)
Dennis Carver (6)
Mary Carver (6)
Dr. Kyle Vickers (7)
Dr. Robert Hammond (7)
Dr. Morgan Smith (7)
Eric Baker (8)
Harry Freeman (8)
Susan Devore (8)
Timothy Jones (8)
Nurse Joy (10)
Gregory Ashcroft (11)
Nathan Wallis (12)
Janine Wallis (12)
Joseph Miller (14)
Sam Fender (15)
Barry Gallo (15)
Bill Hampers (16)
Mac Livingston (17)
Jake Foreman (17)
Jason Taylor (18)
Sheriff Michael Sanders (19)
Officer Jenny (19)
Officer Hides (19)
Officer Stan Phillips (19)
Patrick Darrens (20)
Principal Jonathan Yardly (21)
Mrs. Karen White (21)
Mr. Donald Cook (21)
John Culver (22)
Samantha Culver (22)
Thomas Culver (22)
Fred Callahan (23)
Oswald Lanterman (24)
Jacob Henderson (24)
Sonya Harding (24)
Paul Walker (24)
Ben Quincy (24)
Albert Valdez (25)
Brad Coleman (25)
Stacy Henderson (25)
Jean McKnight (27)
James McKnight (27)
Wendy Lawrence (28)
Pastor Richards (29)
Father Joshua Hines (29)
Sister Abigail Rosemary (29)
Daniel McNeal (30)
Maria McNeal (30)

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