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Default Re: The first Ever Summer Smackdown

Originally Posted by charizard ex View Post
you're right they can't but sometimes when people are losing they turn off their game and say it was a disconnect, but i probably should change that up a lil
I've ran several tourneys and tournaments and for the rules you just say " Standard Rules " for battling. 95% of the battlers in Pe2k know what Standards are therefore saving you lots of time explaining and having people reread the rules. Also MOST pe2k players don't disconnect... most of the players are completely honest in taking a beating. Also no offense.. but DS's have sucky connections to wi-fi.. ( like verystrait mentioned )

Also I don't know.. this is just me.. Have you tried making the first post like really neat and organize? Like try to center everything.. nice bolds and text... something that really catch the eyes of the common visitor of this thread. I'm sorry if I'm being rude or anything but I actually think that this tourney can get somewhere.

- GreenEagle

NOTE : I'll join for the fun

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