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Default Re: The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
It's a good thing I got distracted by that fanfic soundtrack thread because now I can reply to this really quick!

Well of course not!

XDDD Yes! Oh, Bob...

XDDD I did! I know! I'm not even sure where to make a links page. D:

Usually...I do too! xD But not this time! "One in a row! It's a new record!"

XDDD Yeah!

Thanks! (Oh no, not again! D: At least it's not the...random italics!) XDDD Yay for speedy scythers! Yeah, it would be freaky! "BIRD FEET! AAAAAAAHHH! What were these birds thinking picking up scythers!? D:" Yeah... ;-; Yay for understanding! :D Aww...cute heracross!
xDD Yeah, I saw your post! I was in the middle of replying to it but replying to this is better. xDDD

xDDD Yeah...Bob...

Really? xD Well you can just make it on the thread I made mine on--the links thread! 8D

xDDDDDDDDDDDD One in a row! xDD Oh, you. Ladderscy.

OH NO! RANDOM ITALICS! xDDD Yeah! Really freaky! xDDD Woo!

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Haha, well, I've cut a lot of scenes....most of them short though. A few long ones because I wanted to use them later or apply a similar thing to the story later. Yeah, that's true! Yep, they are. XD If something annoys them, you can bet Rosie and Blazefang will tell you and tell you why! That's awesome! I'm glad I got her anger across well! (Awesome!) Yeah, I'm glad too! *GAPS* Are you SURE? Do you have a dark secret that you're not telling me? D:
Wow...haha, I didn't know. xD Oh, okay. I see. ^^ xDDD I really can bet they will! Go fire types. xDD Even though there are other fire types in the group... xD There are 5 in the group! Haha, well of course you did! 8D O__O ...*whispers* She's onto me! *realises you can hear* I-I Uhh... DISTRACTION! *flees*

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
XDDD I laughed at the cookie thing! I'D BE HAUNTED TOO! Yeah, it would make no sense if she was perfectly fine after all that. And yep, she's threatened them a lot. And then she just snapped. Yeah, seriously. D: It'll cost her a lot more, too. (Haha, I know you do! I want to too! But...*shifty eyes* I don't want anyone else to know! *gaps* Okay!) xDDDD Haha, yeah!
xDDx HOW DARE YOU LAUGH AT MY SUFFERING! (xDD) Exactly, and it makes her more interesting! (And frustratingly stubborn and mistrusting. Dx) Yeah...poor Thunder. Aww... BUT I WANNA READ IT SOON REGARDLESS. c: Yeah... (xDD Yes! TO THE SECRET ROOM! *zooms off*) xD

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Yeah, maybe... D= I don't know how much she would know/understand about Thunder. Guess it would depend...

Yeah, neither did I, but it's inevitable... (Okay! =D)

XDDD Yeah! You can always be caught up! Woot! Really? o: Good, because he's supposed to be a creepy pokemon! XD Haha, you did? XD Well, Firedash isn't evil, just greedy and mean. Her punishments to her pack involve things like..."you loose your rank!" or "you behaved poorly. Now you must feed all the little kids. Get huntin'!" And she simply doesn't care about pokemon outside her pack. YES I AM GLAD TOO! But then, he has a reason to be mad at Cyclone's army too! (Which is a good thing in that case!) Whose Forbidden Attack? Are you talking about Cyclone or Scytheclaw? *confused* OH MYSTERIOUS HUMAN YAY! Oooooh...memories. o:
Yeah. And I bet she would have had to go through the story to know what was happening anyway. xD

Yeah. D:

xDD Woohoo! 8D Yep! Well I knew she wasn't evil, but I thought she was gonna be the main bad guy. xD Wait... She makes others LOOSE their ranks? o: xDD Yeah. Haha, "Get huntin'!" xDD Yeah, I got that image of her too. Yes, yes he does! They created all this, and that's ultimately the reason he lost his position as the leader of his clan! I meant Scytheclaw's Forbidden Attack. xD Because they were discussing how it was a healing power, and Snow was like "that doesn't sound like a Forbidden Attack". o: YES!! And I wonder if that was Scytheclaw with him and why on Earth he was! *UFO music*

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
XDDD I'm glad you're glad!


Well, Volco could have smelled it, but with what was going on he would have been distracted, and after it was over they were both more focused on having seen Snowcrystal again. Plus, like you said, he could have easily assumed it was prey and Master has no use for Nightshade while he's injured anyway. Following blood, as Volco knew, would probably just lead to an injured pokemon or something left over from some predator's dinner, and they had more important things to think about.
xDDD Me too! 8D

Woo! In the shower, too!

Yeah, I guess that makes sense. xD I thought it was something like that! And yeah, that Master would have no use for a sick and injured pokemon. But that reminds me of Thunder... I mean, he'd have to spend a lot of time cleaning her up and caring for her if she's to be healthy and able to fight for him again. There's no real point in having a sick and beaten pokemon (who collapses now and again from the wounds and general fatigue Dx) if you only have pokemon to fight battles, so I'm betting before she gets tortured, Master's gonna have to treat her wounds. I bet it'd take a long time, too! Unless he didn't really care...but he'd have to do something! Which is the only good thing about Thunder getting recaptured, but then again, I'm sure she doesn't care if she's healed or not--she simply wouldn't want to be under his wing again. D: Understandably, of course! But I hope he treats her somehow...and gives her decent food... But I bet he'd be steaming mad she got away, but now that she's back...he's won.

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Wow, I really love comments like this! They're so detailed and thoughtful and...oh, you know what I mean! I love them! Honestly, I was sad when I wrote the "not worth it" thing. And Snowcrystal felt the same way. (I'm sure Alex did too, based on how she reacted...she was the only one not really bothered by Thunder's meanness..) You have a point, there. Thunder would be willing to do anything to get away again. She'd even apologize to everyone, be nice, or really, do anything for someone if it meant they would get her away from him if she did. (Of course, whether she would keep her promises is another story, but if she had to do those things then and there before she got rescued, she would; anything to get away.) She would certainly be willing to accept help though...from get away from him. Oh, yeah...that makes a lot of sense. D= If she knew that they considered her "not worth it"... "Back to square one" is a good way to put it. After all that... Yeah, the problem is that Thunder was taught to care about nobody but herself (but that's not always the case, as she showed when she rescued Stormblade :D) I think if she realized that though, it would make her situation worse at the moment. D:
xDDD Well I love to get them too! And I love to write them for others to get. ^^ AND I THINK ABOUT THOSE THINGS. o: Haha, I find myself rambling--but it's good rambling! Yeah! Aww....I was sad to read it. Dx 'Cause she is worth it! But maybe just not to them. :( Yeah, Alex was empathetic too, even if she didn't get along with Thunder necessarily. Yeah. That's true. She was the first time, and being captured again when she hates him with such a racing passion, she'd want to get away even more. Haha, yeah, she totally would! I bet she'd refuse to do that at first, but then Master would appear again, and she'd be like "Fine! I'll do whatever!" DDDx Yeah, that's true. Because she knows she couldn't do it by herself. Evidently, since she needed the whole gang to come along. I still remember sweet Redclaw! how he sacrificed himself for the others. D: It's a wonder how he turned out so different to Thunder! And maybe he healed (physically and mentally) faster than Thunder did, and he was possibly newer than her to Master's group of pokemon. Yeah... Aww... D: I'd hate to know the only ones in my life who could possibly care for me thought like that. Dx Yeah, that's true. Because in order for her to live, she had to disregard the pokemon she battled and literally fight for her life--meaning she had to choice but to care only for herself. Plus, there was nobody else who she could really learn to care for...certainly not another pokemon on Master's team, 'cause I bet they thought the same as she did. Apart from Volco, of course!
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