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Default Re: [WAR 9] Team Neo (Draft)

YAY TEAM NEO (title pending)!

Also, if anyone things being good-aligned is overtly American, then they are incredibly disillusioned. =/

Back on topic. I like chaotic good alignment. It leaves some room for craziness, because, let's face it, I know I'm crazy. xD

Aside from that, I don't have many ideas. For colors, I'll just throw a few out there--what about black, gray, and blue or black, gray, and red? Anyone who wants to is welcome to substitute. I just thought I'd get the discussion started.

As for mascot, well, can't go wrong with Pikachu. xD But if anyone thinks that's too overused, we can come up with something else.

Let's make this War awesome! ^^

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