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Default Re: [WAR 9] Team Neo (Draft)

I say we surprise people by doing the exact opposite and going chaotic evil or chaotic neutral! Can't just do what they expect us to do, that would mean that we're playing right into their hands!

Haha, at any rate, I'll get the ball rollin' to get the creative juices flowing. Which is kinda gross.

Theme Ideas:

Could be any alignment -

The Possessed: Two entities, one body. This would allow us to have an evil streak while keeping the (RP characters anyone) own self intact. Could have something to do with Pandora's box.

The Agency: A collection of disillusioned agents from several departments that have banded together for a single purpose: whatever that purpose is.

The Misfits: Based on Mikey's personality, this is a raggedy team made up of a variety of different individuals that have one thing in common: the need to do things the flashiest, funnest, and oddest ways possible.

Legends: A team filled with members straight out of folklore, mythology, and other unbelievable tales. Though their stories might not be totally true, their abilities are never in question.

The Best: A team created by an enigmatic, powerful, and well-connected leader who has gathered the best from around the galaxy / world. This will allow every member to fill a certain role in the group, ie smuggler, fighter, etc.

The Forgettable: A team made up of those men and women that have been lost in the daily grind, fading into the background to be ignored. Finally decided to band together and gain confidence from each other and take control of their destiny.

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