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Default Re: [WAR 9] Team Neo (Draft)

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
Rust gave up on it, so I took over. We just held a nice little draft last night, so I'll probably wait a little bit until I have the leaders draft the newest batch of signed-up folks (aka you).

Neo: Feel free to change the bits how you want to fit whatever. I basically just spouted everything on my mind in a hopes to get someone else to think of "Hey! That reminds me of this!" or "Hey! If we change this by ..."
Oh I see. Damn I came in a day late. Stupid Rusty.....Still I was thinking to swing on by but now I have a reason. haha Stupid PE2K senses. haha Still glad that you guys are planning to pick me like a booger since I think I would have more fun here. haha

Also it seems like I am something of a genre? The Misfits? Is that the mark that I left here. Okay! Also it seems like my "Team Username" from the last Parody WAR stuck somewhat. Time to make the Team Neo shirts. haha
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