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Default Re: [WAR 9] Team Neo (Draft)

Well, I just talked to Gem and we thought of something else. Not to mention I just finished watching The Book of Eli (EXTREMELY good movie by the way) and it gave me some ideas.

We could go with the "light under oppression" theme, where it feels like all the hope in the world lies solely on our backs and the rest of the world is trying to tear that apart. Think of movies like The Book of Eli, Children of Men, I Am Legend, and other situations like that where it seems like so much has gone wrong and so totally out of control, and now we're carrying that last bit of hope on our backs. I noticed this same theme carries in Gem's story Team Stormriders, and heck, its definitely the highlight theme of Trial of Juno as well.

If you follow these movies and themes, you'll see that those carrying the last bit of hope on their back always keep moving and never stop, no matter what threat hits them, no matter what tries to bring them down. Meanwhile, it feels like everything is a race against time. Throw in your post-apocalyptic and disaster situations where it seems like everything is hopelessly lost except for those that still struggle in keep the hope alive through survival.

We could still use the theme colors of black/gray/red with some white in there as well. As for mascots, Gem and I came up with the idea of using two of her characters, Zanna and Altair from her story Team Stormriders. I think that would be pretty cool.

My only question about it is the situation in the RP would really have to call for it and be pretty drastic in nature. I'm sure there some kind of problem and issue that we will be able to target and approach, but I think the bigger the disaster, the more this idea will shine.

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