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Default Re: [WAR 9] Team Neo (Draft)

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
Bah. Just make a chat sometime and we'll all brainstorm or something. I still say start with a basic theme and worry about expanding on that later. We don't really need colors or alignment right now, just a basic idea.
My only thing about AIM chats is how easily people get distracted from the topic at hand. It worked for drafting but that was mostly simple stuff. Besides, posting the ideas allows us to go back and see if there was something we left behind.

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
- Apocalypse lore (aka four horsemen, 7 deadly sins, angels, etc.)
I’d probably be all over the angels idea if I hadn’t done it before. You could have something like Angels of the Apocalypse, focused on preserving what is valuable and eliminating the trivial.

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
- Some minority group (they can be somehow different, so you can incorporate the 'seen as something evil but they aren't' if need be. Though that idea sounds like X-Men).
I like this idea, but its more of a supplement to something else. For example, everyone on the team could have a similar marking or feature, whether its natural, accidental, or intentional. It could be something intentional like a symbolic tattoo, or something strange that just happened naturally among all of us.

It works in X-Men because they have special abilities, but I’m not sure of what we could have that would distinctly separate us from everyone else without being a power or a calamity. I like the idea of having something that can arguably be a gift and a curse at the same time (like in the case of X-Men), but I’m not sure how the other teams would feel about that.

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
- Anti-technology
- Something storm / natural disaster based
- Spirits (kinda like a Native American thing, maybe? Spirits of Protecting, Fire Elements, whatever)
Actually, I kind of like blending all of these together to create a kind of eco-organization bent on trying to protect the environment and keep the natural order of things. I wouldn’t say we would be against ALL technology, but we would definitely be more inclined to use natural and renewable energy, such as solar or wind power. Any machines that don’t do that and simply pollute would be shunned. Also, we would see technology only as a tool and not a future (unlike Galleon’s team, of course).

Again, I’m not sure what Galleon will do with the RP, but if he’s making a team of robots, I’m pretty certain it will be in the future where an idea like this could be applicable. We could make it our goal to bring technology down to a much saner level to stop it from ruining the nature that was in there in the first place. I’m not sure what Rob’s team will be doing, but I could see us having a nice vendetta against Galleon and the rest of his team. >:D

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
Ok, I was sitting here thinking that our theme had to be something that was easily moldable. Something so simple it was being overlooked. At first, I was thinking of like different groups, or eras, but it would be so difficult to have everyone agree on a single place in time.

Tempus fugit.

What about time? Time flies; time stands still. Everything changes over time, nothing stays the same. Change is inevitable, right?

It just seemed like something that could really be played with later when we need to. ^^'
Would be a good idea, but unfortunately, time is one of those things that can’t really be affected in an RP and stuff like that. Time travel would work great in a fan fiction, but in an RP, it can get really crazy.

EDIT: I also like the idea of using modern-day Samurais. Doing that with a symbolic theme would be pretty cool.

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