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Default Re: [WAR 9] Team Neo (Draft)

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
'Er, I was actually hoping to make the setting a bit more archaic. I know that sounds weird from a dude who intends to RP as a robot, but the existence of robots in the RP is a bit of weird case, and what's more, the robots won't really be all that advanced. They're basically just people with metal bodies. I'm thinking of 'em as more like steampunk robots, if that makes sense...'

So we won't be too out of touch. And we don't have to totally cripple ourselves technologically wise (or else the modern of modern samurai would mean nothing :P), though of course some people could choose to be more 'Yay environment!' than others.

But a Native American-esque community with samurai as their warrior caste sounds pretty intense.
As this picture proves, samurais can kick a lot of robot ass. They can work in any setting or time period really.

I'm just thinking, even if we do go pretty archaic in the RP, samurais are not that, that modern to the point where they would be out of place. But yeah, having samurais with a kind of Native American mindset and ideology would be pretty cool.

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