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Default Re: [WAR 9] Team Neo (Draft)

Originally Posted by Draconic_Espeon View Post
Ooh, I've seen previews for that movie (I think it's a movie and not an anime, anyway xD). It looks awesome, I'd love to see it.

But! Back on topic. Along the lines of Neo's "infusing with elements" idea, and with the "worship Pokemon as spirits" kind of idea, what if we did something like a bond between our samurai and one specific Pokemon? And their Pokemon powers up their weapon somehow. For example, a samurai and a Pikachu would make a samurai with a lightning sword. It'd be a little more difficult for people whose Pokemon partner isn't really an elemental type, but maybe we could have other effects, like a samurai with a Scyther might be able to move their sword faster/have a sharper sword, and a samurai with a fighting type like Machamp would have more force behind their sword, like being able to puncture metal or something.

With that, maybe we could tie in some kind of high tech sword? Like, to use it, the Pokemon is sucked into it kinda like they would be into a Pokeball, but from there their power can be used in the sword. And it would be limited to the Pokemon's own stamina--meaning you couldn't use the power non-stop. They might have to take breaks for a while, and during that time use it as a regular sword. Keeps them from being too uber. Of course, if you like uber, we can ignore that completely.

And lol, I thought everyone was talking about Avatar: The Last Airbender at first. THEN I figured it out.
Samurai 7 is an anime, though it is based on a movie. I just watched the first episode on Animecrunch to see what its all about and its pretty good.

As for what you mentioned, its an interesting premise, I like the idea of having a really strong bond with a single Pokémon. Since the time period will be archaic, there probably won’t be any Pokéballs, so said Pokémon will be out at all times. Truthfully, I think this works even better, since it establishes the bond as being closer rather than keeping the little critters locked up for only when the person actually needs them. As for sucking them into the sword, eh, it’s a little weird and I don’t think the tech level would be high enough to do that. If Galleon is okay with robots, I’m pretty sure he’ll be okay with samurai being able to capture the element of their partner Pokémon and use it in their weapon. But I agree with you, we shouldn’t be able to spam that ability.

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
Sounds really sweet to me. I'm all for the idea we have goin' now.

Edit: Neo, if you could please have a theme ready by Friday so George can incorporate it into the RP. I'd like for him to be able to get it done by Saturday or Sunday, if he can, so we can really get the ball moving on this War.
I might just go with the spiritual samurai idea since most people seem to like it. The finer details can be worked out later, but the premise of having guardian samurai with close, spiritual bonds to nature and being protectors of the environment and the world around them is likely what I’m going to finalize unless someone comes up with something absurdly epic that totally blows that away.

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