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Default Re: [WAR 9] Team Neo (Draft)

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
As for what you mentioned, its an interesting premise, I like the idea of having a really strong bond with a single Pokémon. Since the time period will be archaic, there probably won’t be any Pokéballs, so said Pokémon will be out at all times. Truthfully, I think this works even better, since it establishes the bond as being closer rather than keeping the little critters locked up for only when the person actually needs them. As for sucking them into the sword, eh, it’s a little weird and I don’t think the tech level would be high enough to do that. If Galleon is okay with robots, I’m pretty sure he’ll be okay with samurai being able to capture the element of their partner Pokémon and use it in their weapon. But I agree with you, we shouldn’t be able to spam that ability.
Why would there have to be a high tech level for that? There could be an archaic means of holding Pokemon, especially if it's only temporary. Ever see that episode with the giant Pokemon? Holy crap, can't believe I remember that, seems like ages ago. ^^'

Even without that though, I love the nature-bound samurai idea. ^^ And I'm with Scott about the limited companion thing. Makes the connection more genuine, y'know?

As for names...according to Google translate, Shizen no senshi would be nature warrior. Maybe could combine that into something. ^^'
Oh, and I still like the black, grey, and something combination for colors. ^^
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