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Default Re: [WAR 9] Team Neo (Draft)

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
Why would there have to be a high tech level for that? There could be an archaic means of holding Pokemon, especially if it's only temporary. Ever see that episode with the giant Pokemon? Holy crap, can't believe I remember that, seems like ages ago. ^^'

Even without that though, I love the nature-bound samurai idea. ^^ And I'm with Scott about the limited companion thing. Makes the connection more genuine, y'know?

As for names...according to Google translate, Shizen no senshi would be nature warrior. Maybe could combine that into something. ^^'
Oh, and I still like the black, grey, and something combination for colors. ^^
True, good point about the whole sword thing. I’m just not sure how Galleon will feel about an ability like that, but it would be pretty cool if he gives it the go. And yeah, the limited companion thing makes the bond more true to both the owner and the Pokémon. Even if he disproves of the whole sword power imbue ability, I like the idea of everyone on the team thinking hard about the one Pokémon they’d like to have by their side at all times, rather than have six that only get a little amount of attention. Arguably, that Pokémon will likely be much stronger as well.

And “Shizen no senshi” has a nice ring to it. Combining it like what DE suggested would make it even cooler. :D

Originally Posted by Operative View Post
Eidolon Defenders.

Spirit Protecting Samurai.

Phantom Vigilantes.

Pitching some stuff out there.
Interesting picks. None of them really jump out at me, but we could give them a bit more thought or see if they could combine with something else.

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