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Default Re: [WAR 9] Shizen no Senshi: Spirit Guardian Samurai

Originally Posted by Kumori Gem View Post
Aaannnd a lot happened while I was at work today. xD

The theme sounds really cool, I'll admit. Though I'm not RPing, I'm still going to choose my specific Pokemon/samurai and make a banner just to be cool.

Now to work on my judge criteria for Drawn Art. *yays*

Edit; New avi/sig set. Guess who it is lololol.
Yeah, a lot did! But we did come up with an awesome theme and I love it. :D

Originally Posted by Hakken View Post
/chants Please draft me into this team. Please draft me into this team. I gotta be honest I LIVE AND BREATHE ANCIENT JAPAN AND JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY. D':

And by the way, you might like to know this--the Samurai religion actually WAS a lot like Native American religions, they just didn't practice it as well as they should have most of the time. Right down to the shamans. The Japanese just called them onmyoji, and they eventually became official members of the imperial court. Onmyoji often had contracted shikigami spirits, and it seems like you're working on a similar idea with bonded Pokemon. Perhaps they could have an onmyodo ritual with that? Just food for thought~
I see what I can do in terms of drafting. Only problem is during the last draft, I was the last one to pick, so this time around, I may be last in terms of that. I'll do my best though, you'll be next on my list.

In the meantime, I made this for the main banner. Came out pretty nice, I think.

Also, should we have that samurai Pikachu as the mascot? "Ryu the Pikachu" has a nice ring to it. XD

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