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Default Re: Need a Rescue Team? Applications Here!

I need a PMD Sky rescue! My PMD Time version doesn't have Concealed Ruins, so I can't rescue myself. D=

Please PM me if you decide to take on this rescue mission!

Eve (Eevee)
Concealed Ruins B18F
SOS/Rescue Code (Wi-Fi): 0000-0064-2461
SOS Password:
RT#JCP 3Y%WK6 13=H12
C&R&Q# 9S7XFJ +0&+J1
SN#01K @4K=59 W42R&Y

EDIT: I no longer need a rescue. One of the old teams I used to rescue, they rescued me! ^_^ Thanks, Team Pokemans!
Status: ~Happeh!~ Siggy made by meh! ^^

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