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Default Re: [WAR 9] Shizen no Senshi: Spirit Guardian Samurai

My point was that it's hard to point at one single Pokemon as a theme when everyone will have their own to center upon. At any rate, I already have us a great mascot!


's a really hard, interesting decision (picking one 'mon), and I really hope George takes into account the fact that we're only going to have one 'mon on our team. Unless we just take the logical path of 'that one will be stronger because of experience and time used.' Which isn't logical in a realistic setting, as a trained non-trainer user could have all 6 out at once to help with realistic situations. Hm.

Nice use of sports, Neo. I've taken quite a lot of sports-like tendencies into this War :P. Though I've held back a bit ...

And thankfully, there's a lot of quality members in the second part of the draft, so we'll end up with someone helpful no matter what. Despite almost picking last again.

Edit to the below: Or Scyther :o.

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