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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society for Scrupulous Individuals:Jade Edition closed

War Information
We, among the various other groups of clans, we like to show our expertise in battling using the spirit of competition and the drive to win. However, not all roads are always sun lit and may end up drenched and murky. We just turn on our high beams and run down anything that gets in our way. whatever the case may be, we have a destination and we will either get there either speeding, or on hub caps. Which ever the case may be, our drive to battle is always fueled and our dedication to the game is elusive. That being said, here is our war challenge information:

Number of battlers:
Preferred number of shoddy battlers:
Preferred number of wifi battlers:
Requested start time:

Red Indicates Loss
Green Indicates win
War Records

LMSSI vs T.E.C(3-0!)War one
Knuckles vs Jeffjeff (wifi)
FLB vs Richdevilboy (wifi)
Eevee trainervs Kingofboos (shoddy)
Mystery of Apathetic vsAbsol Power(shoddy)
Morph vs Sceptor (Wifi)

LMS vs T.D.L(3-0!) War Two Ends on 1/13/10
Knuckles vs Savior (wifi)
Mystery vs Gofre (shoddy)
Skippy vs Scuba Steve (wifi)
D_A vs Trinity (shoddy)
Lock vs Broderick (shoddy)

LMS vs Pokerus Empire (5-1) ALL Wifi War ! Won 6/4/2010
Skippy the great vs Akai Shizuku
pokemonfanboy vs Neo Dratini
Knuckles vs TheKid
Shinyshuckle vs Lord Voldemort
Moe 2 vs Lost Soul
lu1z vs JOE591
Darkrose vs hectic
Dark Shadow Lord vs Altrius
Bulletpuncher vs Mr420

LMS vs T.D.L(0-0) War starts on 7/27/10
DA vs Bluejello (shoddy)
Moe 2 vs Scuba (wifi)
Bulletpuncher vs Ryan (wifi)
Skippy vs Niro (wifi)
Darkrose vs Near (shoddy)

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