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Default Summer 2010 Wifi Grand Tournament (Quarter Finals)

wifi grand tournament

2010 Summer Season

Hosted by BlueMage on PokemonElite2000


Hello everyone and welcome to the first Wifi Grand Tournament hosted by BlueMage (that is, me) on PokemonElite2000, the greatest pokemon-based forums on the world wide web. I have decided that it would be fun to bring together some competitive battlers for some fun blood shed, okay? In light of my love of soccer and the FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa, I decided to make this Tournament similar to the format that the Football World Cup is played in. I would like it if as many people possible joined this tournament. The only requirements are that you have a love for pokemon and promise to be active in this tournament. Everything you need to know is below, read up and enjoy.

Rules for Battle

6 vs 6: Each player will use six pokemon.
Sleep Clause: You may only afflict sleep on one enemy pokemon at a time.
Evasion Clause: No Double Team or Minimize.
One-Hit K.O. Clause: No moves that cause automatic death if hit. Such as Sheer Cold.
Species Clause: A player cannot have two pokemon of the same species on their team.
Hax Item Clause: No items such as Brightpowder, Quick Claw, etc... These items are not made for a competitive atmosphere.
Uber Clause: No Uber Tier Pokemon are allowed to be used within this Tournament.

Hacked Pokemon will be allowed. But allow me to clarify. Only LEGIT pokemon are allowed to participate in this Tournament. If a pokemon has normal stats, only a total of 255 EVs, and not all 31 IVs (actually completely random), and has a legal moveset and ability, then I see no problem in the pokemon being used. The important thing is that all pokemon in this competition are fighting on an even playing field, the method at which they reached their current point is truly not that important.

BOTH players must report the results of a battle along with the score. The score is how many pokemon remain on each team at the end of the battle. For example, if one player completely sweeps another player and doesn't lose a pokemon at all the score would be 6-0.

All players must be active participants and that means being able to make it to every battle and come to an agreement with their opponent in order to reach the deadline. Also, though this is COMPETITVE battling, Pokemon is just a GAME, and it's all just for fun. So no quitting battles and being a sore loser, no flaming, no being mean, and just enjoy it dudes (and she-dudes).

Tournament Structure

The Tournament will comprise of 32 participants, all of who will be broken up into Groups. They will all work their way up and attempt to reach the Round of 16, which is the Elimination Round. From there it's set up like a normal single-elimination tournament until the Finals. Before the Final Match to decide who is Champion, there will be a match to decide Third Place.

To begin with, every player will be divided into eight groups of four. The Qualifying Round guarantees each participant a minimum of THREE MATCHES. During this Round, every combatant will be duking it out to reach the top two slots in their Group. During the qualifying round, participants will receive points for their matches. A win will grant the player 3 points, a tie will provide each player 1 point, and losing a match rewards 0 points. Now, it should be noted that ties work different in this Tournament. If the score at the end of the battle is either 1-0 or 0-0, the match ends in a tie. Now you may ask: why am I doing it this way? Well first of all, 0-0 is an extremely rare way for battle to end. Also, if a player loses in a tight and heated battle and the winner's last pokemon has nearly fainted, the loser shouldn't be penalized. It's to make the Qualifying Round more intense, perse.

The Round of 16 begins the Elimination Round of the Tournament. There are no ties, a win is a win, and once a player loses they are out of the Tournament. In the case of a 0-0 tie, the two players will play eachother again. In the case of another 0-0 tie, the decision will be dealt with by a random number generator in which one player will represent a certain range of numbers and the other represents the other half of numbers.

The Quarter-Finals are done with Best Out of 3 Matches. Ties are dealt with in the same fashion the Round of 16 were. The Semi-Finals are also done with the best out of three matches.

The Finals and the match to decide Third Place is decided with the person who wins the best out of seven matches. There will be no ties, no exceptions. In case of a tie, the results will be decided in a manner which is to be decided if the ocassion arises.


Sign-Ups will last until July 17, in which case there is no dropping out, you're in it for the whole deal. To sign up, please provide your PE2K username, which Pokemon game you're using (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver), your Freind Code, your in-game name, and which times are best for you to battle.


Any open spots or anyone who has dropped out of the tournament due to their own will or inactivity will become NPCs. NPCs will be used during the Group Stage only to weed out the less active participants. An NPC will be marked by their username (or the simple tag "NPC") being in red. Once the tournament begins, the group arrangements will be reorganized and spread out to have an even number of NPCs in every group (or as close as possible). If an NPC is scheduled for a fight, that fight will be automatically set to result in the active player's favor. The record for the forfeit will be 6-0. If for some reason there is a second NPC in a Group, both players that remain will still fight each other in order to decide the ranking in the Group, but both will make it to the Round of 16 (sad, I know).



Group A

- Blue Mage (3997 0716 7352)
- Tsujin (5113-7244-4892)
- dragonace373 (4984-9087-2471)
- Puh-tree-cee-oh (1849-4621-3425)

Group B

- BulletPuncher (2665-5113-9761)
- dj-tiny (1935-3355-1771)
- zlpqlz (1591-7892-5471)
- pokemonfanboy2000 (3008-9867-3494)

Group C

- Agumonman (2450-7580-3440)
- killz4life216 (1162-3933-8764)
- 23ac (1763-6382-2905)
- Daigon (0217-4663-4152)

Group D

- lu1z (4855-9106-7336)
- Moe2 (3868-1787-8172)
- shinyshuckle (1892-3494-8283)
- Godot (4598-0755-0734)

Group E

- Lost Soul (3996-3422-7171)
- Charizard EX (4297-6886-2794)
- IstvanKrisbay (2321-4300-4698)

Group F

- Cold-Headed (NPC)
- Signtist (2794-4812-2735)
- Yamirami (1805-3236-6330)
- TrayYboY (1333-9968-7220)

Group G

- Kell (4770-0411-1370)
- j5356 (5070-7961-3162)
- JIMMYS (2450 7629 2849)

Group H

- Mace321 (2579-6440-8114)
- demox_4 (4770-1777-2555)
- TheKid (3352-6504-8493)

Pearl FC: 3997 0716 7352

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