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Default Re: [WAR IX]- URPG Section

I'm posting for Marco!

all clauses on, but no items/weather/terrain

HKim (Ain Soph): Garchomp, Starmie, Gengar vs. ST (ADD): Tyranitar, Metagross, Infernape

Starting Pokemon were Garchomp and Tyranitar, which made things a little funny. Bad prediction on ST's part got his Tyranitar killed. Metagross vs Starmie was the longest thing ever, with Starmie recovering while Metagross having quite possibly the luckiest rolls I've ever seen while being confused and paralyzed for the majority of it's life. Starmie was finally killed after Hkim got complacent, and then it was down to Gengar and Infernape. ST was tired of battling and reffing at the same time, so he chose to use explosion, which ended the match. (HKim Note: I believe Marco means that ST honorably resigned from the match after it was clear who would win)

HKim Wins and gets $2,000 + 1 Team Point
ST Loses and gets $1,000
Marco gets $2,000 for reffing (add to BMG wages)
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