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Default Re: Pokemon: Rebirth (Open/Accepting)

Reserve me for Mew please.

EDIT: Here it is.

Player: Puh-tree-cee-oh
Character Name: Matt LeClair, Matty
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Legendary: Mew

Appearance:(Picture or one paragraph minimum):

Personality:(Minimum one paragraph): Matt is still developing. He is curious at anything and is innocent. He isn't afraid to give up or back down from anything. He knows that he's a little kid but tries to act grown-up especially to strangers. He loves to have fun and play around when he can. He can also be serious. He sometimes compares himself with the "Legendary" Ash Ketchum who grew up a town over him. He becomes very scared when he is pressured. He feels that if he doesn't do what's asked something bad will happen. Although in the end he always picks the right thing to do.

Bio:(Minimum two paragraphs): Matt was born in Virdian City in the Kanto region. There when he was 10 years old his parents got him his first two pokemon. Two female Eevees. Matt at first wasn't so psyched but as he grew with them he came to love them. Due to his love they quickly evolved into Umbreon and Espeon. He treated each one fairly and always had them out at his side.

One day when Matt was traveling he came across a pink pokemon. This pokemon was energetic and fun to play with. It's name was Mew. Matt and Mew first met in Lavendar town when Matt was treating his condolences to the deceased pokemon. Mew had apparantly been found by Mr. Fuji and he was taking care of him. Mr. Fuji noticed Matt's kind-heartedness and asked him to talk with Mew. Mew really got to know Matt and told him something nobody but Mew knew. Mew had run away after having tests done on him from these scientists. He was still hurt so Matt had Espeon use Wish on him. Wish only slowed down Mew's death. Mew had finally told Matt one day that he was going to die. Unless somebody took his spot as a the new Mew. Mew had been lucky to find Matt because he was perfect. When Mew asked Matt Matt was scared. With the help of his pokemon and Mew Matt is now learning about becoming a legendary. He is Mew.

Pokemon Team: (Maximum of 6)

Payback, Curse, Return, Quick Attack

Psychic, Return, Quick Attack, Wish
Other:(Anything else you want to add): TARDIS TROUBLE!!!!

IGN: Patrick FC: 1849 4621 3425

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