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Default Re: [WAR IX]- URPG Section

No Holds
Normal Weather/Terrain
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clause

iReign (Ain Soph) vs Xalapeno (SSSGS)

iReign: Gengar, Infernape, Kingdra
Xalapeno: Electrode, Salamence, Gyarados

Electrode and Gengar opened, Electrode taunted, and Mirror Coated the second of two Sludge Bomb to leave them both at 10%.
Electrode set up a Light Screen before being KO'd. Gengar proceded to explode on Gyarados, who was then KO'd by Kingdra's Outrage.
Salamence came in and danced, taking Kingdra's second Outrage turn, leaving it confused.
Infernape was switched in, but EQ from Salamence OHKO'd, forcing Kingdra back in for a Dragon Claw OHKO.

Xalapeno: $2,000 + 1 point
iReign: $1,000

Match Wage: $2,000
WAR Wages: $6,000

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