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Default Re: Pokemon: Rebirth (Open/Accepting)

This looks EPIC(not to mention this sounds very similar to a plot I came up with awhile back, but those charries wouldn't work here, soooo.....)

Player: Winter_Cherry
Character Name: Seth Micheals
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Legendary: Entei
Appearance: Seth is about 5' 8" and lean, with seriously tan skin. He has chocolate brown hair cut shorter in the back than his bangs, which are grown out and swept over his right eye in the front, and has gray eyes. He tends to be seen wearing a black t-shirt under a brown hoodie that has white fur around the cuffs and hood along with a pair of your average jeans and sneakers. He keeps his pokeballs attatched to his belt that ahgs off his waist, and has a bag for most of his supplies hanging right next to it.
Personality: Though he seems like the kind that would be cold and quiet, Seth can be both that, or really friendly, especially towards his pokemon and friends, but he still doesn't seem to talk often. He does, however, have an awkward habit of answering questions out of the blue if he knows the answer, even if he's not in the conversation that he's answering the question to. In spite of his calm, quiet, personality, he seems to be quite attatched to Riika and seems to also have inherited Entei's worry and guilt over the scars on her arms. He gets easily flustered over her protective attidtude towards him when he's the one who has powers, but Seth's been told and shown before plenty of times that Riika can handle herself.
Bio: Seth was born and raised in Jhoto, in Ecruteak city. He was the oddball in the group of kids there, however, and quickly set himself apart from them, though did find friendship in a young girl named Elise. He and Elise became best friends, and could commonly be found playing together and creating minor mayhem where they went. This lead to Seth's initial meeting of Entei, when he and Elise eventually decided they were going to go see what was inside the tower at about age nine. While exploring, a rotted series of boards fell out from under Seth's feet and sent him falling into the basement and landing on something soft. He quickly realized that something soft was a pokemon--one he'd never seen or heard of before that looked much like a dog. The pokemon looked at him for a moment before grunting and explaining to him telepathically how to sit on him right and that he'd give him a lift back up since it was nearly impossible for him to make his way back up himself.

After this incident, Seth went to the town elder and asked about the pokemon, only to find out it was Entei, a pokemon of legend. He never told anyone what had actually happened, and went on with his life, getting a Cyndaquil from Professor Elm almost as soon as he turned ten and started out on his pokemon journey, parting ways with Elise. He got all his home region's badges, but avoided heading out to the Elite Four for awhile before eventually going, to visit Hoenn and Kanto before returning home. It was here that he met with Entei once again.

Going back to the burned down tower, he struggled all the way down into the basement, where he found Entei laying there, almost as if it had been waiting for him. The pokemon looked weak, and after a few failed attempts to help, Entei finally explained what was happening, and passed his powers on to Seth because of his kindness and his personality. He also told him that there was a girl in Kanto that would be coming to help him, because he had to have someone he could trust for the times ahead. Abut a week later, Riika Amano showed up on his doorstep asking for him by names and asking him what the heck was going on.
Pokemon Team:
Other: For reasons unknown to Seth or Riika, he really likes hanging out in trees.

Player: Winter_Cherry
Character Name: Riika Amano(no typo, her name is really spelt with two i's)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Riika is tall and darkly tanned, as well as lean, for 17 year-old standards. She has knee-length red-brown hair with black streaks running through it and a black newsboy hat to top it off, as well as vibrant red eyes. Riika wears a black camisole top and black armwarmers that go above her elbows to nearly her shoulders, which hide a very nasty set of scars almost the full length of her arms, along with a pair of ragged jeans and tennis shoes. She totes around a dark grey backpack with all her stuff in it, and has a silver seashell necklace around her neck that she loves and never takes off. The necklace was given to her on her 10th birthday, and her twin sister has a matching one. She usually has a bored expression on her face.
Personality: Riika is a rough, often loud-mouthed girl who isn't afraid to state her mind. She's sweet to her pokemon, but not many others, and is known for getting into fist-fights with Team Rocket members back in her home region of Kanto because she has such a deep-rooted hatred for them. Riika has a clear sense of right and wrong, and is ready to run into wrong at full force, punching and kicking with her pokemon beside her. She has a short patience for things, and doesn't take to hyperactive kids very well.
Riika's the kind of person who'd hit you just as soon as she'd look at you once she decides whether or not she likes you. She's easily irritated, and yet she can become a totally different person around people she considers her friends, and will do just about anything to keep Seth safe.
Bio: Riika was born and raised in Pallet town, Kanto, with her twin sister, Ericka, older brother, Aiden, and their parents. She lead a pretty noral life, spent around her family and helping at Professor Oak's lab, as well as having a rivalry with another child in town, a boy by the name of Davis. It was upon turning ten that she and Ericka both recieved their starters from Professor Oak, Riika choosing a Squirtle and Ericka taking a Bulbasaur, and were given their matching seashell necklaces along with a pokemon from their parents, Riika's was her father's Raichu, which she had been close friends with since practically birth. While she and Ericka travelled Kanto together, Riika in hopes of becoming a pokemon master and Ericka in hopes of becoming a top-class breeder, both girls encountered a group they both immediately hated--Team Rocket. There were several stops made on their trips just to help stop out groups of Team Rocket members causing trouble in various cities that earned them a pretty good reputation and made them more welcomed, not that Riika really cared much other than for the simple fact that they were getting rid of a group of people that needed to be stopped. It was this that made up their minds when, on a trip home for their fourteenth birthdays, both girls watched a pokemon run past them followed heavily by Team Rocket members yelling about how their target was too important to let go. Riika and Ericka gave chase, taking down several of the groups members, but were unable to stop the ultimate capture of the pokemon they were trying to help--Entei. The two managed to get on the ship the pokemon was being held on and managed to track the pokemon down, but couldn't figure out how to properly disable the machine used to hold it captive. This lead to Riika going to crazy measures to break Entei free, and also resulted in the scars covering her arms, which Entei never quite got over the guilt of indirectly causing. This act, then the eventual release of the pokemon earned Riika the pokemon's trust and respect as a human, which Entei made clear she had.

Since then, Riika and Ericka have spilt up, allowing Riika to go adventuring in Hoenn and Sinnoh while Ericka continued in her quest to become a top breeder. Riika tried her hand at the Elite Four, and finally failed upon reaching Lance before heading back on another trip through Kanto. While in Cerulean, though, she recieved a telepathic message from Entei, where he explained what was happening, and that he was passing his powers on to a boy the same age as her by the name of Seth Micheals, and also explained to her that in the tough times ahead of him, Seth would need someone to rely on and to help keep him safe, and said that since he knew and trusted her abilities, he asked Riika to head out to Ecruteak in Johto and be that person. Unable to refuse, Riika and her team immediately packed up and headed out to Johto in search of Seth, whom she found a few weeks later, and has stuck by him ever since, doing her best to fulfill Entei's request.
Pokemon Team:
Espeon-Male-Asterisk 'Aster'
Other: Riika doesn't mind hanging out in the trees with Seth at all, and barely ever lets him out of her sight. She finds him easy to get along with, as long as he isn't worrying over her scars or her getting hurt.

Nice pic, I lol at the Code Geass reference.

Oh--and let's hope we don't run into TARDIS TROUBLE...

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