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Default Re: Pokemon: Rebirth (Open/Accepting)

Reserve me for Regice please.

Player: Hitmonfighter
Character Name: Michael Bulberry
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Legendary: Regice

Personality: He is a friendly guy. He is always there if his friends are in danger. Michael is sometimes a bit shy but he doesn't show that. He doesn't talk much. In fact he listens more then he talks. He always wants to save other pokemon. Even if he has to risk his life for it. He never gives up in a battle.
Bio: Michael is born in Hoenn in the city called Slateport City. He lived in a fisherman family. His father and all his generations were fishermans. But Michael didn't want to be a fisherman. He wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer. So he got his first pokemon from his dad. It was his Scyther called Sliza. He challenged every gym in Hoenn and won them all at last.

Then he got back to his home but he saw that no one was home. He waited and he waited. But his parents didn't come. Day after day he sat and wait till his parents came back. But his parents didn't came back. Then when all the hope was lost his older sister came home. His sister explained everything. About what happened when Michael left and how the city changed since he was gone. She also said that Michael had to run before they capture him too. She used her Abra to teleport him as far as she could before he could ask her for who he had to run.

He wondered why she didn't teleport herself away. But one thing was sure there was going to happen something. But he didn't knew where he was. Yeah on an Island. But what Island? It was an island with a big cave. He entered the cave and there was a tablet in the middle of the chamber. It said: "Stay very close to the wall, and run around the whole room once then a door will open." He didn't really knew what it meaned but he did exactly what it said. Like something was controlling him to do it. Then after he ran through the whole cave close to the wall a door opened out of nowhere. He entered while he didn't want to enter. He saw there a pokemon. He heared about the pokemon before. It was Regice. He always saw Regice and the other Regi's on paintings thats why knew that it was a Regice. He wanted to run away but it just walked to the Regice. It was like the pokemon attracted him to come infront of him. The Regice pointed to a tablet. He readed it. It said: "I'm Regice. And you are Michael Bulberry... We have to go to the Ruins of Alph in Jotho. Come with me. You will find other trainers like you there." He then traveled with the Regice to the Jotho, knewing that something would happen.
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