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Default Re: Pokemon: Rebirth (Open/Accepting)

Aw what the heck, reserve me for Arceus please.

Player: AshleyWorld
Character Name: Anaka Andrews
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Legendary: Arceus
Appearance:(Picture or one paragraph minimum)
Anaka Her hair is now cut to shoulder length. She wears a plain white tank top with a black leather jacket over it. Wears blue jeans and black tennis shoes. She also wears a black belt around her jeans where she attaches her Pokeball to.

When Anaka changes to many times her hair turns to the same shade of white as Arceus' body, with gold highlights. Her clothes turn into a white catsuit that matches her hair. The catsuit has gold trimmings that run down the side. The tips of the feet on her catsuit are tipped with gold, and the same goes for her fingers. Her back sprouts the golden wheel that circles around Arceus' abdomen. They are almost like wings. Whenever Anaka choses, a retractable gray mask can cover her face, which would only be used when going into battle. Anything on her body that is gold changes whenever Anaka changes types. For instance is she changed to water, the golden wheel thing on her back would turn blue.

Personality:Anaka is a little weird. She does things that most people would think are crazy. If a moment becomes to boring for her, you can count on her to yell out something random to break the silence. Anaka seems to be reckless, and truthfully she probably is. She would do pretty much anything on a dare. She just loves the spontaneity of life, and can't wait for the next surprise whether it's good or bad. Regardless of which one it is, she will bounce back quickly and hide her emotions. Sometimes she just acts as if nothing has happened. Anaka could make a good leader, if anyone would listen to her, but she lacks the initiative. She hates being the leader because they make the decisions, and they make them based off their motives so if she's the leader then she knows whats going to happen. Anaka rather blend in with the crowd, wait things out and see what will happen so it will come as a surprise. She finds life to be more fun that way.

Anaka's recklessness rubs off on her Pokemon when she battles. She takes risks in battles that other trainers would see as dangerous and stupid. Anaka knows and trusts her Pokemon though, and wouldn't make them do anything she didn't think they could do. She may seem mad, but there's a strategy behind what she does, usually. When Anaka sees the smallest opening for an attack, she quickly forms a strategy and sends her Pokemon in for the kill. Often times she will find herself doubting that something will work, but will play it cool if it does. If it doesn't, and someone or her Pokemon gets hurt, she takes it out on herself and will isolate herself from everyone for awhile. In a couple of hours, she usually returns to her normal self, but might still hold some emotions inside. She prefers not to talk about them because they usually bring the mood down.

Anaka was born to a family in Kanto that was unfit to take care of her. The family felt it would be in their daughters best interest if they gave her up to someone else who was more suited to take care of her. They did just that, giving their baby to a family member in Johto. Anaka lived a relatively easily life with them until something went wrong of course. Anaka and her cousin had managed to get a lighter out of her uncle's bedroom and were playing with it. Anaka's cousin found out how to work it, and eventually they began to light small things on fire. It was all in fun until the tree house caught fire while the youngest child was inside. Anaka quickly made her way in to the tree house to save her, while her cousin ran inside to tell her mom of what happened. Anaka managed to save her other cousin, but didn't realize that the cousin who had set the house on fire blamed Anaka for it. Anaka's aunt and uncle felt they should get rid of Anaka before she got older and created more problems. They gave Anaka back to her mother and father, who seemed to be more capable of caring for her. Anaka was twelve at the time.

Anaka disliked her parents with a burning, fiery passion. They ignored her, and excluded her from everything. They would often go on trips and not mention to Anaka that they were leaving, leaving Anaka home alone with nothing to do or eat. Anaka became used to this and started fending for herself by saving up money from working small jobs, and even made friends that allowed her to sleep over. A few years later, most of her friends left on their journey, but despite her parents not paying attention to her, they denied Anaka her request on leaving too. Anaka was right back where she started.

Only three years later, her family went on another trip. Anaka waited weeks, but her parents never returned. They left her with nothing as usual, and if they weren't going return Anaka found no point in staying. She quickly packed up her things and left for awhile. She went and visited her grandma, the only other family member that would speak to her. Her grandma knew of several legends, and told Anaka all of them. She even told Anaka of a flute that could summon a legendary Pokemon. Anaka was so inspired by the story that she made it her mission to track down the flute and find the legendary Pokemon. However, she knew she couldn't do it without a Pokemon, but Anaka was in luck. Her grandma had a friend who had found a Pokemon egg, but she already had a bunch of Pokemon and had no use for it. If Anaka wanted it, she could pick it up on her way out of town. Anaka did so and walked hours on end with the egg in her arms. Before she knew it, a Mankey had erupted from the egg. The two bonded as easily as little children, and Anaka couldn't wait to go on an adventure with her unexpected partner. Anaka then left her grandma's house. She found it weird that her grandma hugged her for so long and had such a heart felt good-bye. It was as if her grandma knew that she wasn't going to see Anaka again.

Anaka made her way through all the regions until she got to Sinnoh. Instead of tackling the gyms, she first decided to find the flute that her grandma talked so much about. Anaka doesn't know how, but she managed to find the flute that was supposed to summon the legends. Now she had to make her way all the way up to the Spear Pillar in order to play it and summon the Pokemon. Anaka and her six Pokemon fought all the way to the top. Anaka played the Azure Flute horribly, and a set of stairs appeared before her. She ascended the stairs finding the giant Pokemon, Arceus at the top. Arceus told her that if she could defeat him, he would grant her power beyond her belief. Arceus knew that no matter how hard she tried, Anaka would not beat him. However he wanted to test her. Arceus didn't expect for Anaka and her Pokemon to put up such a fight, especially her Mankey. Arceus was actually impressed with Anaka and the strength she had given her Pokemon, plus she had managed to find the flute and made it all the way through Mt. Coronet just to find him. Knowing this, Arceus knew she would be a perfect successor. Arceus informed Anaka of the situation and said he chose her because of her heart, strength, and determination. Not knowing where her parents were, and only one family member still speaking with her, it was easy for her to leave everything behind and begin this new journey.

Pokemon Team:
Mankey(F)(Aprodite or Dite)

Other: Tardis Trouble
Give it a read and a critique please

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