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Default Re: DoH's Judgetastic Log!


Normal Rank

Dewgong v Chairzard v Infernape v Togekiss | Derian v Monbrey v AS v Michael

This was funny. The CL hit 5 two turns, and both of those turns because of Zard. It leached some points off Togekiss as it was SPAMing Aerial Ace + Extremespeed, something Nape tried to copy with Aerial Ace + Mach Punch. It didn't work so well. Poor Dewgong tried (yet again) for a Dive + Surf combo, but once again the Mon in front of it earned more than 3 Hearts, so it got 0 points.

Despite this being Monbrey's first completed Contest, he won by a freaking landslide, and not just because he had the best Primary Score, either. Maybe it was beginner's luck, skill, or a combination, but he totally frigging swept the others.


@ 4th Place / 407 points are AS and Infernape. $1,000 and $500 CC
@ 3rd Place w/ 480 points are Michael and Togekiss. $1,500 and $500 CC
@ 2nd Place 2/ 481 points are Derian and Dewgong . $1,500 and $1,500 CC
@ 1st Place W/ 801 points are Monbrey and Charizard. $2,000 and $1,500 + Normal Rank Cool Ribbon

I get $2,000 for Judging.
Paired with Shen, the most epic Bleach fan around :3
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