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Default Re: [WAR IX]- URPG Section

No Holds
Normal Weather/Terrain
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clause

WeTastePies (Ain Soph) vs Iridium (Automatons of Dissonant Destruction)

WeTastePies: Ambipom, Gallade, Dragonite
Iridium: Bronzong, Starmie, Spiritomb

Ambipom did well causing some damage to all of Iridium's team as they were switched through, but Spiritomb eventually managed to KO it. Gallade came out and danced while Bronzong was switched in. Bulk Up before Bronzong's Explosion gave it the defence boost it needed to survive, doing some damage to Spiritomb before being KO'd. Dragonite entered and subbed, blocking Pain Split and Dragon Dancing during a switch to Starmie, giving it enough to sweep.

WeTastePies: $2,000 + 1 point
Iridium: $1,000

Match Wage: $2,000
WAR Wages: $8,000

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