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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Violet Edition/War Won With Pokerus Empire


Announcements: This is where extremely relevant, and important information will be stated. A majority of the time, these announcements will effect the clan as a whole and/or provide insight for what's going on. The thread title will be edited whenever a new annoucement is made. (Until a single post on the topic is made, all announcements will be posted here!)

October 3rd
All members are to try and get involved with helping the battling center out! We can't do it alone. This will be a big team effort, but it will be easier if members try to work with threads of their specific tastes. (If you like UU battling, help construct the UU battle center, etc. )

PM TUST for more details.


May 21st Moe 2 Opens up a clan shop, just click here to see it.

Sep 14th We have two new members guys! Welcome pkmnrulz and Dark Pulse94 to LMS!


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