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Default Re: Pokemon Elite 2000 versus PokeBeach III?

Originally Posted by Elite Trainer Drake View Post
At first glance GE looked like he was just picking people out of they're clan, but with Moe2 and Bullet Puncher being high up in the ranks, you can't argue that too much. I'm just posting to say this that way no one has any conflicts with why he choose them. That and DSL peusedo runs PE2K (yes I made that up..)

But would it be right to just limit the sponsors to three?

Moe is notoriously wifi, BP is both, And DSL is pretty much shoddy. Perhaps even more "diverse" people can be picked that way they can actually compare notes with other sponsors? It won't just be a one person decision senario?

Skippy: random much?
Moe2 does a fair amount shoddy and wi-fi believe it or not ETD. He just doesn't want to deal with 2 ladders that's why he's only on the wifi ladder.
Yeah I guess it sounds bad for picking only 3 but if people pick like 20 people then it's going to be hard to count up the right candidates.

EDIT : I shoddy and wifi but prefer wifi. I shoddy when I need to and yes, I do add my shoddy wins and lost to my sig as well.

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