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Default Re: Pokemon Elite 2000 versus PokeBeach III?

Id vote DSL for manager of the thread, Green Eagle for being in charge of the threads display, and these people for sponsors (I'm missing some so bare with me)

Scuba The Diverman
Bullet Puncher
Dark Shadow Lord
Blue Jello
Savior Sephiroth (yes he pops on now and again)
Skippy the Great
Black Label
Full metal (I don't think he battles much)
Dark Azelf

(Ugh who else....)

Can't think clearly.

I wouldn't mind being a sponsor myself. I'm pretty talented as far as battling goes, and quite naturally I can spot talented battlers.

There are also a few other members whose skill would do good, but they're not decortated members here on PE2K yet (as far as I know)
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