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Default Re: Pokemon Elite 2000 versus PokeBeach III?

Here's the plan I got in mind.

STAGE 1 : Sponsor to Take :
The first stage is to have the pe2k members submit to me they're choices of who they think is suitable for the war ( with a max of 6 people to be listed and you can not sponsor yourself ). .. also you can only submit one sponsorship application. When someones name is put down then we'll put them on the SPONSOR LIST with a number point. For each each person who sponsors that person.. their points will go up. As OF COURSE we will have a due date.

Example : Elmo [ 1 sponsorship ] - Ash [ 9 sponsorships ]

Stage 2 : Take to See :
We'll take the top ____ ( i don't know how much people we're going to take for this war ) and they'll battle APPROVED or Accepted testers ( in both shoddy and wifi ). The testers will give a review and if the person doesn't seem suited then we'll take the next man in line and give him a test to see. There will be due dates obviously where if someone doesn't respond to the testing.. then we'll just take the next runner up to test

Stage 3 : See to Win It( I hope )
This one explains itself

APPLICATION Requirements : must have at least 100 posts ( because I don't want people making 2nd accounts ) ( you have to be at least a month+ year old on the forum )

Application ( pick from 1-6 )
Name :
Who do I sponsor? :
Clan? : ( the reason why I added this is because I don't want random people in the pe2k who don't have any knowledge of battling to submit )

NOTE : If you edit then that's your fault because I'm taking what I see when it's posted or pm'd

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