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Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

DDDDDx You'd probably fly away and never return to that forest!!!


WELL IT WAS SO YOU GOT WHAT YOU HOPED FOR. LOONIK AND JOOPLE AGAIN! xD Me too! It'd be nice to get another TtEoaF chapter out of me. xDD
Yeah, exactly!

GOOD! Yes, yes it would! I really want to see more of the colony so I can learn about those characters and we can write the one shots! Plus I want to see Shard's reaction and the Daykare! XDDDD *imagines little kids piling on Dusty*

*GAPS* YOU DON'T?! Well it was a while ago. xDD Yeah, she really was angry! Then they went on to talk about how hunting was "easy", according to Dusty, but hard in Thunder's eyes. xDD ...And reality. xDD Dusty soon learned that. Yeah, me too! She really didn't like him after that. Dx

Woo! Party! No more loosing! Mm, I'd imagine. Now that he's got his new Forbidden Attack (for some reason, I was about to write 'hidden power' xD), Cyclone's gonna do anything to get his paws on him. And also since he's a good fighter and used to be the leader of his clan. o:
Nope. D8 Why do I remember stupid stuff and not this? Oh yeah, that makes sense. Thunder can't hunt to save her life. Haha, I'd imagine. xD

XDDD Loosing! (Hidden power? XDDDD) Well, good thing for now is that Cyclone doesn't that's something!

xDD Haha, well I guess good thinking can occur anywhere! xDDD Ooh, that's annoying. When that happens, I usually just tell myself that I'll remember again in the morning...but I never do. xDDD I should keep a notepad by my bed. o: Haha. xD How annoying. Yeah, I don't doubt that! Human medicine would be really handy in the wild... If humans dropped things more often, maybe Snow's group would have found some medicine to help Thunder. xD But then again, I wonder if she would have taken it or not! I get where she's coming from though, even though I've never been one of Master's pokemon!
Yes, it can! XD I always have a notebook by my bed. Every time it gets filled up I get a new one. Yeah, it would! Of course, where they are, very few humans ever travel (since it's hostile and far from cities, and the routes to the gyms/pokemon league don't go anywhere near there.) so they wouldn't be finding any medicine. (Besides, trainers ought to be responsible and not drop things!) Thunder probably would have taken it, well, if the others could actually convince her it would heal her instead of harm her, that is. WELL THAT'S GOOD! I surely wouldn't want you to be one of his pokemon! D8

Hehe. Yeah! I mean, I put so much effort into reviewing their stories, and they reply with "thx ill fix it l8r", when I make comments about the character and the actual story in the meantime. Dx YAAAAAAAAAAAY! That's so comforting. xD Actually, no--you're pretty much one of the only people who will reply to everything I say. xD Like this--quote something and reply, quote something else, reply to that. ^^ THANKS FOR MAKING IT WORTHWHILE. (xDDDDDDDDD Haha, gotcha! 8D) Yeah. But I like how, even though, she's seem Thunder at one of her most violent times, and Thunder was never nice to her throughout her time there, she still cares about what happens to her and wants to save her. It's so...touching! *sniff*
Yeah, that's very annoying. DX I like discussions about the story! I am? o: More people should! Yeah, the quoting thing is fun and makes replies easier to understand. Yeah, exactly! Alex still cares what happens to her, even if they never got along (not that Thunder really gets along with anyone, much.)

Oh, right! xDD I thought you meant that he would train them up. xDD Right. Oh. Well that sucks majorly! Well...I bet he learned some endurance skills while he was at it, at least. ^^;

Yeah, I remember that talk with Stormblade she had about that! I've always remembered that conversation. ^^ I thought it was such a valid reason to not want friends, but at the same time, sad she has to live with that and never really experience friendship (now, at least). Yeah, the big T word. Nah, I wouldn't think so. But that would kinda filter out all pokemon who were strong enough to cope...Thunder, to name one. xDDD Yeah, maybe! Sort out those issues, Thunder!!
Haha, no! XD That would be a much better job, though! But it's Master's job. Yes, he did. He's a pretty tough pokemon...but the ones who are just there to get beaten up by the real trainees also get treated horribly, hence Redclaw's "I'd rather die" comment.

Oh, you do? o: That's cool you remember it! Yeah, Thunder's far too worried to actually get close to someone (and paranoid about Nightshade for no reason, recently). Yep, that was Master's strategy-find the young pokemon who were the VERY strongest through process of elimination and use them. Thunder was one of the few who were strong enough. Haha, well, I'm not sure she CAN sort out those issues. Not by herself, anyway, which is a problem...

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