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Post Pe2k vs Pokebeach III : 4-2 :

Pe2k vs Pokebeach III
Our Chat Room :
Welcome all Pe2k battlers. Our forum has been challenged by the members of the Pokebeach forum to another war. We will be taking 5 shoddy battlers and 4 wifi battlers. This war has been approved from the admins if many are concern. We'll be doing this in 3 stages. The battle rules are set to standard.
Please read carefully.

Will Be Run by GreenEagle
: Sponsor to Take :
The first stage is to have the pe2k members submit to me they're choices of who they think is suitable for the war ( with a max of 6 people to be listed and you can not sponsor yourself ).When you submit your application for each sponsor list what category you feel the person is best in ( Wifi or Shoddy ; not both )..Also a heads up, you can only submit one application post/pm. When someones name is put down then we'll put them on the SPONSOR LIST with a number point. For each each person who sponsors that person ( for either shoddy or wifi ).. their points will go up. If one person has both shoddy and wifi sponsorships then we will drop the lowest one and take the more pointed sponsorship ( shoddy or wifi ). As of course THERE IS A DUE DATE. The top sponsors will be our testers for stage 2 ( if they agree to test everyone )

Example : Elmo [ 1 Shoddy[S] ] - Ash [ 9 Wi-fi[S] : 2 Shoddy[S] ]


DUE DATE : July 10th :
-APPLICATION Requirements-
>Must have 100 or more posts on the website<
>Must be at least 1 month+ old in the pe2k forums<
>Has to be or was a member of a clan<

( can pick up to 6 players ( 3 max for shoddy and 3 max for wi-fi ))
Name :
Who do I sponsor? ( wifi/shoddy) :
Current clan/or previous clan :

If you edit then that's your fault because I'm taking what I see when it's posted or pm'd

Players that you can't sponsor
If a candidate has reached 7 sponsors then they're automatically in for Stage 2
Dark Shadow Lord
Dark Azlef

Stage 2
Will be run by Limitless or GreenEagle
: Take to See :
We'll take the top 6 shoddy sponsors and the top 5 wifi sponsors. As well, we will be taking 2 wifi runner ups and 2 shoddy runner ups to be considered as " substitutes ". The first thing we'll be looking at is the sponsor's activity. If we believe that the candidate is not well active then they'll be turned down and we'll take the next runner up. NEXT, we'll be testing the sponsors through battles from a approved tester ( wifi/shoddy). Tied individuals who are on the borderline will fight for the test. The testers will give a review and if the person doesn't seem suited then we'll take the substitute in line and give him the spot ( of course, substitutes will be tested as well ). After, we'll be taking the next runner up in line to fill in the X-substitute's spot ( obviously the " rule of activity " still apply and testing ). There will be due dates ( no " give me 3 weeks to prepare team before I test " ).

The Official Testers
The Shoddy Tester(s)
Dark Shadow Lord

The Wi-Fi Tester(s)
Bullet Puncher
Moe2 ( unconfirmed )

Stage 3
Will be run by GreenEagle or Limitless
: See to Win It :

This will be the war alone.

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