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Default Re: Moose's Ménagerie of Miscellaneous 'Monsters {(FREE POKE STARTERS!!!)}

Originally Posted by Puh-tree-cee-oh View Post
Hey xD

Can you breed me these?

If these can be nicknamed that'd be great.

A female Eevee with Baton Pass and Wish. NN-Snowflake
Male Lapras with Dragon Dance. NN-Voyager
Male Sneasal with Ice Shard. NN-Darkknight
Male Swinub with Curse. NN-Giant
Female Snorunt with Pain Split. NN-SnowAngel
Male Spheal with Curse or Aqua Tail, whichever's easier. NN-Frosty

I'll be willing to give some shinies of value or some other stuff. I'd do it myself but I don't know how to breed. Thanks for anything you can do. ;)
This can take a bit of time... you're lucky I got a spheal recently!
Also, you want your Eevee with Baton Pass as an egg move?

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