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Default Re: Pokemon: Rebirth (Open/Accepting)


Player: Neo Pikachu
Character Name: Diego Walker
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Legendary: Latios


How Diego used to look:

Standing 6’1”, Diego has a tall and slender frame with a fair complexion. Meanwhile, he has brown eyes and long, dirty blonde hair that covers most of his face. Diego has a few injuries on his usually dirty hands, mostly a result of playing basketball in the rough, urban neighborhoods of Goldenrod City while the dirt comes from being a mechanic. On his back is the tattoo of Latios, among several others including a barbed wire heart on his right side of his back that he got for his now ex-girlfriend Janine, along with a European dragon tattoo on the left side while the Latios tattoo is in the middle. Among the other tattoos, the Latios doesn’t actually stand out that much and wouldn't seem out of the ordinary. As for his other tattoos, they include various tribal designs on his upper arms, and tattoos of barbed wire bracelets around his wrists.

As for clothing, Diego wears a pair of beaten-up blue jeans along with a black leather belt. As a top, he wears a dark green t-shirt which is covered by another beaten-up brown hoodie with tribal designs on them.

What he looks like now:

Comparable image, but with different clothing and shorter blue hair.

While Diego Walker still stands 6’1”, his humanoid form now resembles a hybrid of a Latios and a human, which was the result after Diego transformed himself into Latios multiple times after having been given the power. Most of his body has been colored with blue and white, along with having two Latios wings, two white “fins” on the side of his head where his cheeks are, and other features that resemble a half human, half Latios.

Unlike his previous human form, Diego has lost all of his tattoos. However, he has gained the ability to use a few more of Latios’s powers and abilities.

For the clothing that he can wear, he sticks with a black hoodie over a gray t-shirt over a pair of dark gray cargo pants.

Personality: Diego isn’t talkative very often, but he does have strong street smarts and he can blend in with many crowds. He almost never strikes up a conversation, but he doesn’t hesitate to answer questions and give advice when asked for it. At the same time, he is a kind of “sleeper hero” of sorts, silent and alone until someone asks for his help, which he gladly provides and walks away, kind of like a mysterious guardian angel that performs their task and then disappears into the crowd. In fact, there was a time in Diego’s childhood when he aspired to be an angel, but after growing up and learning that isn’t something for this lifetime, he did what he could as a human.

Diego typically doesn’t want to be the center of attention, even though when the situation calls for it, he’ll take the step up if he has to. At the same time, Diego typically isn’t a fighter, but he will defend the weak and will join the good fight if he must. But typically, the thought of him hurting someone else is something he doesn’t want to think about. He’s naturally a pacifist, but he knows that in order to obtain peace, sometimes there needs to be war despite how much he believes war is ugly.

Now, after discovery of the Shadow Legendaries, Diego is determined to bring Johto’s disgraceful acts of shame to justice. At this point, he doesn’t fear becoming Latios permanently, and he even welcomes the opportunity.

Bio: Diego has lived in Goldenrod City his entire life, born as a child in an apartment building as he grew up in the big city. As a child, Diego was honest, diplomatic, and had a way with words that even stopped bullies from oppressing him. Throughout his childhood, Diego believed he was watched by angels, and there were times when he aspired to be like them as silent, watchful, and compassionate guardians that did good deeds but didn’t take any credit for it by remaining anonymous and mysterious.

Diego didn’t go on a Pokémon journey until he was fourteen, but in the end, he only raised three of them and didn’t collect any badges. He believed more in living and learning with Pokémon than battling them, so in the end, like many others, they simply became pets for Diego. His journey lasted only a year, but in that time, his Pokémon grew in heart more than experience.

Instead, Diego went back to school to continue his education. While in college, he attempted to get a degree in graphic design, but that failed when he ran out of money and already had taken out too many student loans. Instead, he mostly worked as a mechanic, taking on a liking to cars and felt that as long as cars existed, there would be a need for people to work on them. Not to mention that other workers down at the garage also liked basketball, a sport that Diego had liked throughout his childhood, and continued to enjoy even through his young adult years.

And then it happened one night as Diego stood on the rooftop of the apartment building where he lived. That night, Diego had stepped out onto the roof for a breath of fresh air when suddenly, out of the darkness, Latios had approached him. To make sure no one had seen him, Latios had turned himself invisible through the use of his power, but only revealed himself to Diego when he finally had the chance to approach him while no one was watching. At first, Diego was surprised to see the legendary Pokémon, but as before, Diego had never denied anyone help, so there was no reason to decline the legendary’s offer.

Latios, with a heavy heart, told Diego all he needed to know… that Cyrus and Team Galactic had caused the upset, and now all the previous legendaries found themselves needing to pass away. However, Latios informed Diego that in a year’s time, if not sooner, he would need to take Latios’s place, and that there were others just like him that would soon find themselves in the same position. Diego, gladly accepted Latios’s offer, even though he knew everything about him would soon change. To him, it didn’t really matter, as long as he could still be the same person inside. In all truth, he felt with Latios’s powers… maybe he could be more of that guardian angel the world really needed…

Now, after having received Latios’s powers and abilities, Diego has been training and preparing himself to live and fight as Latios. He also helps the other legendaries by providing scouting assistance, as how he was a major element in providing cover for helping the other legend humans escape from Johto and make it safely into Kanto.

Pokémon Team: None

Other: Theme: The Book of Eli: Passenger

Also, Diego has undergone five Latios transformations by the start of the RP.

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