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Default Re: Pe2k vs Pokebeach III [Stickied]-Please Read- : Submit your App :

Originally Posted by Limitless View Post
Why not just have two main people - one for Shoddy and one for Wifi, and then those two people tryout everyone. The way it's going, it's more like a popularity contest.

Over at PokeBeach, I'm pretty much doing all the tryouts on Shoddy, even if the person is applying for Wifi. This makes tryouts much, much faster. If the person happens to only be able to use Wifi, then I have someone else try them out.

The two main leaders of this that you guys choose should have no prior disposition. They should look at each match as its own entity. Don't look at the score of the battle. Look at how the person played and how he/she built their team.

As an update, here's our roster so far:


The Assassin


For once I actually agree with you, it also gives qualified, but not well known people a chance. Btw, whats your user name on pokebeach?
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