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Default Re: George W. Bush: What do you think?

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002
According to you, a genius is a person with higher than normal, or signifcantly higher than normal, intelligence.
I define genius more by wit than intelligence and memorization.
Okay. But it still does not prove that Bush is a great president that everyone should love.
But it does prove that his mere speach impediment isn't a 100% accurate indicator of his ability to govern a country, or infact an indicator at all.
Notice that her decisions only affect her.
Where did you get that from? You see, my sister does make decisions that affect more than one person. Just not as often as I have. And last time I checked, him using the wrong word in a speach really only affects him, too.

Obviously I'm saying something situational and I am only comparing the weight of each decision. somethign that you wear on one day doesn't have a large impact on your life. The university has a large impact on your life, even a single year left out can have a tremendous impact on your life. I'm comparing the weight they carry and not what you were thinking.
It isn't the weight of the decision that matters so much as the situation of which you make the decision. If you are standing in front of a podium with a crowd of 400 sitting down listening to you, and you have to announce which clothes you are going to wear next year, making that decision would be harder than picking the university in seclusion or with a few intellectuals such as counsilers, teachers, or close friends.

Generally the idiots of a particular area can be easily identified. This does not change the fact taht they are idiots.
Not from what I've seen. A person is only identified as an idiot if people want to identify them as an idiot. I mean, barely anyone knew my sister was smart aside from her friends and family, which isn't much. Even the smartest people will be called an idiot, just because people want to call them idiots. How this happens is that a person seeks out the smallest little thing, and flashes that around as absolute proof and fact, like saying someone stammers on occasion while speaking to a crowd, while refusing to see that that insignificant little flaw stops there.

I think it's just an interpretation thing here. Again, I was using the nature and properites of situations, whereas you defined them as exacts.
Let me explain that statement, since you missed it again: I was comparing how the making of a decision in seclusion or with a select few intellectuals was a whole lot more easier than making it in front of a crowd. You didn't see my point, and went off about the weight of the decision, which wasn't what I was talking about.
We can agree on something to the very least. He can't speak well.
He can't speak to your standards is what we are agreeing on, not that he can't speak well. I think he speaks just fine.
Because I am a long-time friend of this friend. I think I would know his personalities after spending so much time with this person.
At what point in time did the ficticious character and situation I was referring to become fact?
So you're saying the smartest one always wins? Not always the case. The senate of the Canadian system are some of the smartest people around. Even they cannot stop the Prime Minister (Martin, who is a complete ******* for the Quebec thing) from doing what he's done. It would then be the same with the American President.
O.K. You went off again. I am NOT talking about who would win! I am talking about who is best for the Job. I've already stated that the idiot would win. I'm not exactly an expert in Canadian government, but in the US, the House and the Senate can pass things even if the president says no. So the senate CAN stop the president from what he's doing. My point is that the president as a whole lotta more influence on the House and Senate and Advisors than they do. WHOLE lot more. Especially if that specific elected president has good charisma. Since the singular mind is more intelligent than the many, the singular mind's decision leads around the many like a sheppard and it's sheep.

And being smart in school has nothing to do with being the great president he supposedly is. You can still be smart and be a complete idiot.
Being smart in president school DOES mean something. I find that contradictory statement you made to hold no ground. Sure, someone isn't the smartest when it comes to biology, but that doesn't mean that they can't repair and make computers like no tomarrow. And by standards set in society, you aren't going to find that computer-repair man in asia studying the Atlas Moth.

They are considered as a delicacy with my people. They sell for such a ridiculously high price that it's hard to find it cheap enough to buy. btw, They smell nothing like a dead frog, more like the scent of...something really sweet (like it smells REALLY good). Thus the name of Durian means literally "To remember" (sorry about the incredibly rough translation). I mean, if I open a durian here, people would swarm here and take the freakin' thing before I can say "smells good". And just saying that if you don't believe me, they have chambers inside that cover yellow meat. Each piece of the yellow meat has a seed wihin, which tends to be brown. Opening the darn thing is so hard tho...
That's right... your a canadian. From what I've heard, the Durian smells like a dead animal IN AMERICA. That's what gets passed around here. I'm sure that the INSIDE of one smells great. I think the outside of an apple doesn't smell half as sweet as the inside. But good luck opening the thing! (yes, I did see on a nature show a man open a Durian up, so I know what the inside looks like. He said it smelt bad until you opened it, along with another cooking show I saw)

As you are assuming he is a great president, I am merely making the same assumption that he is oblivious.
I am assuming that he is a good president. I don't know where everyone gets this "great from".

I can still argue taht his weakness in speaking to the public as one of the reason. Since you agree with me here, I can safely assum that he is quite oblivious to he obvious weakness here.
Try not to base your assumptions off of your own assumptions. Like I said: I find his speach to be perfectly fine. It is you and YOUR standards that he doesn't meet. And how do you know he doesn't know that he doesn't know that he makes mistakes during his speaches?

Yes I have heard of that phrase, because I use it a lot. Do not stereotype me with the rascists, because that has nothing to do with anything that I said.
I stereotyped the base arguements and the nature of the statements along with the implications that you were making as the justification to the racism that I hear from the more intellecutal side of the biggitory group. Not you.
You saying that means I can say that you're racist against Al Gore. Same idea.
Oh no no no no! Where are you getting this from? I was refering to your statments and your arguementive style for your claim, not you. You see, the only thing I've really said bad about Al Gore is that he wore a fake smile to the media. That is it.

Also, back everything you said about Gore up, consdiering taht it is all merely assumptions and opinions taht you are making here.
O.K. I already backed up the re-count thing. His fake smile came from observations that I've made from the popular folks (mostly of women), and rich-boys such as the 311 gang who like to flash a smile whenever there is a camara around. Anyone can tell that those smiles are fake, like the smile from a school picture. A true smile isn't forced at all. It just happens. And unless Gore got some unmentionably large amount of joy from a media camera being around, he was wearing a smile. And about Gore doing the same things as Bush: Clinton was following through with the regime change plan issued by daddy-Bush. Bush hadn't even signed that we would send in troops to Iraq until 911 happened.

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