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Default Re: Pe2k vs Pokebeach III [Stickied]-Please Read- : Submit your App DUE JULY 12th:

Originally Posted by Elite Trainer Drake View Post
I'm not particularly for the whole "the most popular people pick who they want on the team" notion. That's ultimately why the system is the way it is; it's an attempt to negate popularity contest.

I'm not particularly sure as to how Pokebeach works or how often they have wars, but it's obvous Pe2k needs more prep time lest we gain an excuse if we lose. Pokebeach wants a legit win right? And we want competition, let's not rush things but lets also not bore our competition sitting in the bathroom all day trying to get out of the toilet...
you kinda just said what i said...

the system we have now is almost the same thing, some people are voting for the people they know, not really based on overall skill. also it wouldnt be the most popular people picking people they are friends with. it would be voting on who should be in. Most of us have battled each other a few times over the last couple of years...anyways that's mostly just in case of an emergency. I dont want it to come to that

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