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Default Re: Pe2k vs Pokebeach III [Stickied]-Please Read- : Submit your App :

Originally Posted by Elite Trainer Drake View Post
Look like there's a trend going on with the sponsors. There are more people available for the job. However because they aren't being nominated or accredited enough, people generally over look them.
In other words: I'm pissed because nobody nominated me yet and I'm not popular. Sadface.
Not trying to be rude here Drake, but that was basically just a bit of whining on your part. Everybody here just needs to keep this in perspective: We're two pokemon battling sites going at an inter-site war, and we're debating on how to choose the people. There are so many factors in the actual battles that could cause wins or losses that while the skill of the battler is most certainly a hugely important thing to consider, it's not a life or death decision. Just roll with it and get this going smoothly so it'll be over in a few weeks. Nobody likes internet wars that drag on and on.
Sorry if I'm just reciting what others have said, but to be honest I've only read a few posts in the last few pages.