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Default Re: Pe2k vs Pokebeach III [Stickied]-Please Read- : Submit your App DUE JULY 12th:

Oh boy how am I going to start this....
1.) Broderick you were sponsored... read the list please

2.) Why did you think I put the sponsor limit to 7... it was to make people sponsor others who already had enough of sponsoring that will for sure bring them to stage 2.
I'm looking at the list I currently agree to most of the sponsoring ( sorry if I'm sounding rude ).

Yes, I'll admit.. it is a popularity contest and many people are actually just referencing to the Pe2k Battle Ladder. So if you guys who think you should be up there... then BRING your Ladder ranks up then. I know people feel sad because they ain't sponsored but you have to understand that the people who are being sponsored the most are top ranks on the battle ladder. ( Example DSL is #1 for shoddy and moe2 is #1 for wifi )

@Limitless : We're trying to get the right people. Also like I said we will try everyone but we'll be going from the voting.

You know what... I mine as well have someone take this thread because all I'm getting is pms and pms of people giving me sh** .

ALso if you guys read... just because someone got sponsored into the candidates doesn't mean they WILL be in it. We will be testing them of course. If we don't see them fit then we'll audition another person.. that simple

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