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Default Re: Pokemon: Rebirth (Open/Accepting)


This form sux sooo bad. I had a better idea of what I wanted to put down until I got drafted for "all day duty." I lost most of what I originally thought up... T_T

Player: Chocolate Crisis
Character Name: Furaha Jinan Ta'anari
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Legendary: Suicune

Sylphlike in appearance and posture, the silver-haired, aqueous-eyed Furaha is never found wearing "modern" clothing. Instead, a traditional white sari adorns her 5'8" inherently tan frame, as does a matching dupatta, which is held in place by a thin, golden head ornament. Dangling from the headpiece and dark twine necklace are two sapphires that were presented to her as reverence to Suicune. Recently appearing on both her cheeks are faint white markings that presumably came from Suicune itself. Only for ceremonial reasons would she apply any type of cosmetics or markings on her features, but even then it's very minute and her shoes are just as simple, being white ballet flats with small floral patterns of gold.

Personality: She has a serene and tenderhearted nature brought on by life-long devotion and spiritualism. Having been conditioned by asceticism since her birth, Furaha possesses an aura of being in a constant state of meditation or prayer, even in ordinary silence. The temple in which she had been raised was always quiet and seldom disturbed, resulting in her soft spoken and meek disposition. She is grateful for things given to her because of how she arrived to the temple and shows this appreciation through charity. Intuitively, she believes everyone has a destiny and so is always optimistic for a paradisiacal future where all beings will live as one without strife or conflict. However, she also believes in karma, leaving her to often respond in an altruistic manner for those who show signs of straying from righteousness in order to sway the repercussions.

As a consequence of her sheltered life, Furaha is quite naive and ignorant of the world outside Ecruteak City. She foolishly assumes everyone to have a heart of gold, no matter how small the glimmer, and that others merely need to be given a single nudge in the right direction. The daily activities of temple inhabitants are structured in such a strict manner that it leaves Furaha rather closed-minded to many other things not directly associated with spiritualism. She greatly dislikes modern poke balls, or any contraption that confines a Pokémon, but if she ever must use one she opts to use those traditionally made from Apricorns.

Bio: The night she arrived been a wintry one with high prospects for either rain or snow, or so it was said. Whomever left her on the temple steps had carelessly wrapped her in a curtain and deposited her in a woven basket before disappearing into the night with only vague trail of footprints and crying child left in their wake. Her lips had begun turning blue by the time one of the residents had come across her. They were able to tell she was a newborn by the flecks of dried blood smeared across her pudgy body from someone's poor cleaning. After being nursed back to health, she was eventually officially welcomed into the Bell Tower family of Ecruteak City. Strangely, when Furaha was informed of this she held no ill-will towards the one who had left her, but instead silently thank him or her for not leaving her elsewhere (i.e. the wilderness).

She was given menial tasks to complete and eventually received a Chingling at the age of five as it had become a minor ritual to present children with one around that age. The two got along rather easily and often played together whenever the opportunity presented itself or turned their chores into games. In the midst of their tasks, Furaha would often sing softly and Chingling would just as softly, chime along. The more they did this, the more they unknowingly developed a unique musical sound that began drawing varying levels of admiration and soon Furaha found herself whisked into rigorous singing lessons. In the midst of these lessons, Chingling evolved into Chimecho. Be it her natural talent, dedication, strict tutoring, or a combination, the young girl had developed into an amazing soprano. Many complements had been given to her with her voice being described as "nearly ethereal" and after harmonizing with Chimecho's heal bell, they created a tune that could "reach the heavens." At fifteen years of age, the assemblage appointed her and Chimecho to sing during celebrations and ceremonies as they hoped her voice would increase the chances of Ho-oh's return.

Ho-oh may not have harkened or descended at the sound of the young woman's voice, but something momentous did occur. For some time did she assume what she experienced to be a vivid dream. It had begun as another day with her rising before the break of dawn, meditating for several minutes, gathering her companions (now consisting of a Chimecho and Togetic) and a borrowing a Rapidash in order to visit the nearest pond. A mist had blanketed the path, but did not prove a hazard as they ventured onward. It was the only time of day she could visit her new acquaintance, Lumineon, and sing for her. She seated herself at the water's edge, where the excited Lumineon bobbed and lifted her fin in greeting. Barely had the sun had peeked over the far mountains and spread its golden rays across the sleeping land did a figure appear on the water's surface.

Words could not have begun to describe such an alluring creature standing majestically and mystically on the glassy surface of the placid lake. Barely could she listen to what it spoke so enraptured by its beauty, but remembered it all clearly. She relayed the news, all the while trembling. Why was she shaking so terribly? She could not say and her tales of her encounter sent the temple into a frenzy. Some believed her, others didn't, but with her companions' help, managed to assure them she spoke truthfully. If words alone weren't enough, the markings on her cheeks were all that was needed to rid them of any lingering doubts.

Pokemon Team: Chimecho, Lumineon, Togetic, Rapidash
Other: Tides of Time - Epica (the only thing I could think of at the time)

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