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Default Re: Pokemon: Rebirth (Open/Accepting)

I guess I could give this a try XD

Player: Lasyle
Character Name: Lillith Ryuzaki
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Personality: Lillith is a pretty social and outgoing type of girl. She's willing to help any body in need and cares deeply about the safety of her own and others' pokemon. Whenever trouble pops up, she quickly jumps into action to try and protect herself or anybody else who needs protection.
Bio: Lillith grew up in the Johto region, in Mahogony Town. She has traveled all throughout both Hoenn and Johto regions and has just recently arrived back in her home town.

Since her return to Mahogony Town, she's been taking it easy, relaxing after her long journey.

As a child (age 10), her father gave to her a Glaceon, which obviously became her first Pokemon and now life-long companion in the fight against evil. She has always had a strong admiration for her father because of his courage and determination. Her mother died when she was only 4 years old, which pretty much kept her traumatized for the next 6 years. Throughout those 6 years, she kept to herself and indoors most of the time, but when her father finally showed up with that Glaceon, her life would soon change for the better.

Around the age of 12 she finally started her journey to become a Pokemon master and to protect those in danger. She was finally happy again, after so long, but tragedy would soon strike again.

When she was 14, she fell in love with a young and handsome trainer who went by the name of "Ace". As her birthday approached, her and Ace grew closer and closer, nearly reaching the status of actually being a couple, but... When her 15th birthday finally arrived, Ace was killed when he and Lillith were traveling together along a mountain side and a giant Steelix burst from the mountain walls, creating a giant rockslide. Ace pushed Lillith out of the way, but he himself did not have enough time to escape.

Just like that, another one that she loved was tooken away from her. She was now even more determined than before to protect others, especially the ones that she loved. She refused to see anymore death in her life.

Pokemon Team:
Glacey (Female Glaceon)
Cheex (Male Pichu)
Glee (Female Gloom)
Terra (Female Blaziken)
Lux (Male Lucario)
Dusk (Male Dragonair)


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