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Default [Survivors] Challenges and Contests

Challenges and Contests

In this particular thread, I will weekly announce a new challenge, either Prize or an Immunity Challenge. Here are the definitions of those challenges:

Prize Challenge: In this Challenge, the winning team will earn a beneficial prize that will help them "to survive" (win more of the future challenges) in the tournament. Prizes can include money, items, rental Pokemon, TMs etc. We will sometimes need judges for these contests.

Immunity Challenge: In this Challenge the two teams compete for no prize. Well, there is a prize, two more weeks in the tournament. The winner(s) of this challenge will become immune to votes. They cannot be voted out of the touney. Others are vulnerable in the Tribal Council though. We will sometimes need judges for these contests.

Now, there are a few different types of battles along the tournament to make this even more interesting. No, the battles aren't just the usual RSE or Colosseum battles. They actually have specific rules, which you will know only once the battle starts. I will not announce the rules of a special battle until the tribes have chosen the person/people to battle. This way, neither of the teams can strategize by always choosing the most profitable players to battle.

As for the quizzez, there are some of them scattered along the Survivors tournament. They are all made by the Quiz master. Further rules will occur once a quiz pops up.

There are also other types of challenges waiting, but I will not tell you any more of them, just to keep an element of surprise in the game.

Challenges always last for an week, but I think I mentioned that before. If your tribe fails to achieve in a challenge before the deadline, the other tribe wins automatically.

I also must request that no one apart from me posts in this thread. If you have anything to discuss with me about the Challenges, PM or AIM me.

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