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Default Re: VPP Johto - Heart & Soul

Originally Posted by Y2kPikachu12 View Post
I finished Magmortar so i'll be taking a Treecko at 1,577.

Are these correct?
Hatch at 1,592.
Grovyle at 1,625.
Sceptile at 1,685.
Lv. 100 at 1,877.

Looks good.

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post
Numbers for Misdeavus, starting @ 265, please.
You mean 565, not 265, and you should finish your other VPP first. You're not even half way finished with Arcanine.

Originally Posted by Kumori Gem View Post
Numbers for Torchic starting at 5918 thanks! c=
Torchic from 5918
Hatches at 5933
Combusken at 5966
Blakizen at 6026
Finished at 6218

Originally Posted by Broderick View Post
It's been like a year since I got my last VPP, and a new thread... do I need to re-apply? I'm a bit fuzzy on this stuff.
If not, I'd like the numbers for Snover starting at 1,398?
No need to re-apply.

Snover from 1398
Hatches at 1413
Abomasnow at 1518
Finished at 1698

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