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Default Re: Pokemon: Rebirth (Open/Accepting)

Forgive me for the extreme bio, but I just kept writing and things got out of hand I suppose. And now I can't think of anything to take away without having to reamake the rest, or rewrite some of it, so the bio is in the post I used to reserve, I hope you don't mind, but I raeched the character limit of a post, and I didn't want to double post.(The character limit is 20.000 words. =/)

Player: Kamikaze
Character Name: Mike 'Ranger' Dawson
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Legendary: Ho-oh

Appearance: Stands around 6'4'' tall, with short brown hair and dark green eyes that comforts you, while at the same time gives you the feeling that they can see through you. While people may be able to lie to him, he is boud to find it out sooner or later, usually by their eyes betraying them.
Mike may not look very muscular, but he is definitely not weak. If you see him in public, he either wears his custom teal colored ranger uniform, or all black/dark clothes. If you see him out in the field though, which you probably won't manage unless he lets you, he wears whatever collors match the surroundings. Usually green and brown colors, as he makes his home in the forests.

Personality: Caring, diplomatic and serious are the best words to describe Mike. He is usually very skilled with words, and it has gotten him and others out of trouble more than once, and it is partially the reason to why he is today a very skilled Top Ranger. Mike is the kind of person that doesn't fight unless he's forced to, and by then it's too late for his opponents to get away. One of his primary reasons for becoming a Ranger is that he want to help people, and even more so to help Pokémon around the world. He's pure of heart and has never done anything mean or evil to anyone. Punishment, sure, but only in a fair way, and never through any kind of abuse, physically or mentally. Some of those who has fallen under his judgment may not agree, but any objective jury would consider his desicion to be fair.

Pokemon Team: In the order they were obtained.

Max the Arcanine(M)
Personality: Strong leader that never backs out from a challenge. Slightly larger than a normal Arcanine.

Zorro the Mightyena(M)
Personality: A "grown-up puppy". Even though he is just as old as Hermes, they are polar opposites, Zorro takes nothing serious. He is not to be underestimated though, he didn't evolve into a Mightyena by playing around.

Hermes the Pidgeot(M)
Personality: Serious, the one on the team who stops everyone from rushing head first into a battle without thinking it through first. The polar opposite of Zorro.

Tracey the Lapras(F)
Personality: Very shy, and speaks to almost nobody else than Mike. Not to be considered a coward though, she may not talk to you, but if you upset her than she will make sure you don't repeat it anytime soon.

Nitro the Dragonite(M)
Personality: He's not called Nitro for nothing. He is generally so calm and patient that that alone could make a person go nuts. He can take a whole lot of hits, and barely shows it, but when the button is pushed, so to speak, he ignites and makes most opponents sorry they ever tried to face him.

Lucy the Blissey(F)
Personality: Shares the compassion for all living things, the skill and ability to heal, and the caring mind of Mike.
Other: No offence, but reading the entire SU thread the tardis trouble was not hard to find, I have of course read the rules, but still. :P

Again, sorry for the huge Bio, I promise I won't write that much for each post in the RP. =P
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