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Exeggutor is one of the original 151 Pokemon, and a dual Grass/Psychic type. He evolves from Exeggcute, which are essentially a bunch of living eggs labeled a single “Pokemon”. If one of Exeggutor’s heads falls off, supposedly it will turn into one of these eggs and must group together with other eggs to become an Exeggcute. The three heads on Exeggutor all are capable of thinking independently, but are completely cooperative, almost to the extent as if they were the same consciousness.

Exeggutor was mainly a decent Pokemon back in the days of Red and Blue due to being able to resist Mewtwo’s psychic and electric attacks. While some Mewtwo ran Ice Beam to deal with Exeggutor, having it over Thunderbolt leaves Mewtwo vulnerable to Jynx, Slowbro, and Starmie, meaning Exeggutor generally gets a free pass as one of extremely few Pokemon able to deal with Mewtwo’s reign of terror alongside Chansey. Once gen 2 came around and Mewtwo was nerfed, Exeggutor was still decent, but he faded into obscurity with the release of gen 3 and became a joke by the time gen 4 was out.


Weight: 9
Size: 9
Falling Speed: 7.5
Traction: 4
Movement: 3.5
Aerial Movement: 3
Jumps: 2.5


Neutral Special – Confusion -

Two of Exeggutor’s heads look lifeless while the one in the middle appears to deeply concentrate for .35 seconds of lag. After the lag, a DK sized area directly in front of Exeggutor distorts, anybody inside it taking 4% and a flinch. . .But more importantly becoming confused. This causes a random button input (Besides throws/situationals) to appear above the foe’s head, and if they do the attack they’ll hit themselves with it. If the input created some sort of stage alteration/trap, then they immediately suffer any negative effects from it. If it has no negative effects, it will be allied to Exeggutor. If the foe is in the air, ground only inputs won’t be among the possible inputs to be banned and visa versa. Shielding/dodging can be banned by Confusion, but it counts as a single input and thus it’s rather rare for it to be banned.

This lasts 30 seconds, but every 2.5 seconds the banned input changes to another one at random. Hitting a confused foe with Confusion again makes the intervals where the banned input changes happen .5 seconds faster and renews the duration. No, you can’t make the banned input change faster then once every half a second even if you stack Confusion 6 times.

Side Special – Razor Leaf -

Exeggutor rears back his upper body before lurching forward slightly, launching a single Kirby sized Razor Leaf very quickly, only .1 seconds. . .But it’s a pretty pitiful projectile, only going half a Battlefield platform and dealing a mere 2% and flinching. The move can be charged for an extra .3 seconds to make the leaf go 2/3rds the distance of Final Destination and deal 8%, thankfully.

Up Special – Leaf Storm -

Exeggutor shakes about rapidly like a dog over .2 seconds to make a bunch of leaves shake out of his palm tree top all around him. Exeggutor then uses his psychic powers to make the leaves swirl around in a whirlwind wide as Bowser and as tall as Ganondorf that deals 22% and knockback that kills at 105%. Due to Exeggutor being right in the middle of the whirlwind, he gets shot up 5 Ganondorfs without even going into helpless – he can even use his Up Special again! Horrifying stuff.

Except for the part where, y’know, this move has horrendous move decay and it can never be refreshed without getting a new stock. With each use, the move boosts Exeggutor up one less Ganondorf and the power decreases by one fifth, until after five uses this does nothing. Rather inconvenient that this is Exeggutor’s only KO Move AND his only recovery. . .

Down Special – Egg Bomb -

Exeggutor lobs one of his three heads to the ground insanely quickly. When the egg collides with something, it splatters into what’s essentially scrambled eggs – if it landed on the ground it’ll function as a standard tripping trap that lasts forever, though you can only have 2 at a time. If it lands on a foe (You can do this mainly by getting up into the air above them), the egg will crack open and spill it’s contents over their face, scrambling their controls for 10 seconds (Reverse control stick input and randomly switch the buttons about) until it falls off of them onto the ground and becomes a trap. This move has some slightly notable end lag as Exeggutor regrows the head, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Needless to say, reversing the foe’s controls becomes much more potent when they’re confused. Now they won’t know what input their currently banned move is assigned and will be reluctant to attack at all. If you pressure them during this time, they won’t have much choice but to fight back and will potentially hit themselves in confusion.


Grab – Psychic -

A Bowser sized area half a Battlefield Platform in front of Exeggutor distorts slightly. While the grab is ranged, the fact it leaves you blind up-close doesn’t give it the advantages of a tether. . .But it doesn’t have the disadvantages of the tether either, as there’s no disgusting lag on this.

Upon grabbing a victim successfully, inputting any “throw” simply has you levitate them around at Jigglypuff’s dash speed in said direction. While Exeggutor has no pummel input against foes, you can deal damage to the victim by slamming them against the ground. The higher up they were before you slammed them down, the more damage you deal – 10% per Ganondorf height. You can also grab projectiles with this and levitate them back at their owner. Inputting shield has you drop whatever you’re levitating to regain control of Exeggutor.

Exeggutor still has real throws, though. . .Those leaves from Razor Leaf and those scrambled eggs from Egg Bombs? They don’t magically vanish and lay around on the ground when the attack is over (Leaf storm leaves go off the top of the screen). Notice how an uncharged Razor Leaf falls right into Exeggutor’s grab range? It happens for a reason. You can grab them and have a set of “throws” to use on them. Exeggutor can only levitate 5 leaves at a time but can have out as many as he wants.

Pummel – Levitate -

Exeggutor levitate the leaves/scrambled eggs around like he would a foe or an enemy projectile. Simply used to re-position them.

Forward/Back Throw – Magical Leaf -

Exeggutor shoots forward/backward all the leaves he’s levitating at once, them being treated as if they were fired from a fully charged Side Special – and this has no lag (Though there is the lag of picking the leaves up, which is still shorter then charging). Picture 5 leaves all being shot at the enemy at once – That’s 40%! Of course, this is rather telegraphed, and once you fire the leaves you have to go over to the other side of the stage to use them again. . .If you throw some scrambled eggs at the foe, then it will be treated as if you hit them with your Down Special, splatting over their face.

Up Throw – Leaf Storm -

A cloned input? Somewhat, but the important difference is that this doesn’t interact with the Up Special’s decay at all. However; the power depends entirely on the amount of leaves you have. You need 5 for it to be as powerful as the Up Special (And no, it can’t become more powerful then that), and that’s assuming you’ve got them all in the same place and everything. Furthermore, this causes all the leaves to ultimately go up off the top of the screen, just like with Up Special.

If you attempt to move during the second half of the start-up lag, you’re allowed to, as Exeggutor is simply speeding up the levitation at that point. This adds an extra .2 seconds of lag to when the Leaf Storm goes into action, but it allows you to walk into the whirlwind of leaves to be boosted up into the air.

Used on scrambled eggs this is essentially a vertical version of the fthrow/bthrow.

Down Throw – Scramble -

Exeggutor scrambles his leaves around at random with his psychic powers. The leaves move around a good while in the background at immense speeds before they come back, several leaves having swapped positions with each other at random. While this may sound useless, you can cover up scrambled egg traps with razor leaves, and once the foe doesn’t know which leaf is masking the egg it’s much more threatening. It’s not so much the trip itself that’s threatening – it’s the potential threat of your other harmless leaves masking a trap.


Up Tilt – Tree Top Block -

Exeggutor turns to face the screen over .2 seconds, then straightens his tree top to be completely straight, making it a solid platform slightly wider then Exeggutor’s base. Pressing utilt again exits the stance. Exeggutor can still move and attack normally in this stance, but moves much slower due to constantly facing the camera and having to shuffle left and right awkwardly. This is obviously excellent anti-air, as it lets you force the foe into the landing lag of their attacks then dump them right in front of you for an easy Egg Bomb.

Of course, the attack has more downsides so you don’t just always have it on. Needless to say, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for Exeggutor’s tree top to become perfectly solid, hence why it’s not. Characters lighter then Exeggutor treat the platform as a drop through one, able to easily come down to Exeggutor. Characters as heavy or heavier then Exeggutor will cause Exeggutor to move even more slowly as he carries them, and after 2 seconds of doing so Exeggutor will fall over into his downed state and take 5%. Aside from this, characters can still use their dtilts to attack Exeggutor from above while in his treetop. You don’t –want- them above you, you’re just using this as a set-up for Egg Bomb, preferably catching them in landing lag so they have no time above you. In dire need, though, you can force them off by using one of your attacks that has you lean forward.

Down Tilt – Faceplant -

Exeggutor leans over and forms a half arch with his body. If he hits nobody, he has horrible ending lag as he faceplants into the ground. The hitbox is only present when Exeggutor’s palm tree top connects with the ground, pitfalling foes and dealing 10% as well as devouring shields alive. This takes a fairly laggy .6 seconds to execute, but Exeggutor can come out of the move at will by inputting anything so long as he isn’t in the last .15 seconds of the move. This can be a useful in combination with your utilt, but it’ll only work if the foe is expecting you’re leaning over for a different attack. Either that or by having scrambled eggs on your palm tree top.

Dashing Attack – Barrier -

Exeggutor creates a barrier behind himself and stops running, letting out a distinct cry and taking .4 seconds of end lag. The barrier is as tall as Exeggutor, but paper thin. It lasts 5 seconds, but is invisible except during the brief moments where it’s being hit and the part where it was hit flashes briefly. If a foe dashes into the wall, they’ll splat against it and deal 10% to themselves with a bit of stun, falling into their prone state and shattering the barrier. This can buy you a bit of time when fleeing from the foe and forces them to approach over it if they want to continue to pursue you even if they don’t splat into it, linking into your utilt.

If you hold down A during the attack, Exeggutor will continue dashing but generate the barrier a Battlefield Platform in front of himself. If Exeggutor keeps dashing, he’ll hit the barrier himself and take the 10% (Yes, he’s not immune to it), so you generally want to use this when attempting to meet the foe head on so they ram into it before you do. If you release A after you make the barrier in front of yourself but are still dashing, you’ll stop dashing but you’ll let out the distinct cry for the move, notifying the foe there’s a barrier afoot. . .But who says you didn’t just make the barrier behind you? This can be a good way to make the foe scared of something that isn’t there, then you can later take advantage of the wall behind you.

Standard Attack – Psych Up -

Exeggutor leans slightly forward as he utters his Pokemon Stadium cry, causing an area the size of Wario a third of a Battlefield Platform in front of him to distort. Any foe caught by this is dealt a mere 1% and flinching. . .But this scrambles their controls in an identical fashion as to if you splatted some scrambled eggs over them for 10 seconds. This is fairly quick. . .So why use this in combination with scrambled eggs instead of using just this? Simple. If the foe’s controls are already scrambled, they’ll not only be re-scrambled, but this will last for 20 seconds instead of 10. Any further attempts to renew control reversing will again reset the timer to 20 seconds.

Forward Tilt – Psych Out -

Exeggutor does the exact same motion as in his jab with the exact same cry, dealing 1% and flinching. . .Without reversing the foe’s controls. Seeing there’s so clearly no reason to use this, the foe will think you used the jab and try to figure out their controls for a while, meaning they’ll more likely then not stumble away from you a good ways, giving you time to do set up. Aside from that, the fact that you have this at all means that if the jab control scrambling just so happens to not scramble as much as it should they’ll think that you used your ftilt, only to later fall victim to one of their other buttons not functioning as it should as a crucial button.


Forward Smash – Future Sight -

Exeggutor’s ftilt not sound useful enough? Too bad. We’re introducing another move with the same animation and cry as the jab that deals 1% and flinching. . .No, it doesn’t reverse their controls, nor does it simply do nothing. Instead, it makes the foe’s controls reverse after 5 seconds. This can easily fool the foe into thinking you used the ftilt and think they’re fine only to get screwed over 5 seconds later, or visa versa. Charging the move makes this control reversing potentially last up to 25 seconds rather then the usual 10, though that loses the mindgame potential.

Down Smash – Ingrain -

Exeggutor turns to face the screen and extends out vines from his palm tree top and roots them into the ground as he “charges”, the charging being the actual “attack”, though there’s a good .4 seconds of lag to start “charging”. Exeggutor heals at a rate of 1% per every tenth of a second and can heal up to 35% from this.

Exeggutor has anti-grab armor while ingrained, and Exeggutor’s vines will keep him rooted to the ground if he takes horizontal knockback, resisting it though still taking the damage. To be uprooted from this early Exeggutor has to be hit up into the air. . .Why bother wasting a Leaf Storm or Razor Leaves to get into the air when the foe can be so kind as to help you up?

The healing is –very- excessive to the point the foe will struggle to out-damage the healing while you’re ingrained. . .Broken as hell. However; if the foe does an attack aimed at where the roots go into the ground that deals 10% or more, they can uproot you and prevent you from using the move for 20 seconds (Though this gives you no lag). The fact that the foe has to be practically on top of you to do this though means they’re easy bait for a Egg Bomb. . .This move will bait the foe into –something- you can capitalize on, respond accordingly.
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