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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Up Smash – Giga Drain -

Exeggutor turns to face the screen and stomps in place slowly like in his Pokemon Stadium idle animation as his palm tree top starts absorbing green energy all around him. This has a quarter of a second of start-up, but the hitbox is a giant disjointed box around Exeggutor as tall as 2 Ganondorfs and 2 Battlefield Platforms wide. This deals 10-20 hits of 1% and flinching, and every damage point inflicted Exeggutor heals. The catches are that this does nothing whatsoever to shields and is fairly easy to DI out of, though if they were right on top of Exeggutor they’ll take three quarters of the damage by the time they DI out.

But still. . .Why wouldn’t they shield? The foe takes shield-stun in such a fashion that their shield doesn’t shrink at all during this time and Exeggutor has .25 seconds of end lag to punish if the foe is still up close to him. The answer is quite simple – they don’t shield because they don’t have an effing clue as to how to shield due to having scrambled controls. Best used immediately after you confuse the foe or right when Future Sight would kick in (Or when it would if you used ftilt).


Neutral Aerial – Sleep Powder -

Exeggutor shakes around rapidly like a dog (Or as doglike as he can be with his body shape), causing sleep powder to emit from Exeggutor’s tree top. This has .3 seconds of lag on either end, but has a very long duration of a whole second. Exeggutor floats in the air via his psychic powers during the duration, but his falling speed increases by 1.5X for half a second afterwards. Once Exeggutor is done, a Bowser sized cloud of Sleep Powder will be where he was, lasting for 3 seconds and causing anyone who comes into contact with it to fall asleep (They won’t fall asleep until hitting the ground – no easy gimps).

What makes this attack remotely usable is the fact that Exeggutor gets flinch resistance during this move – not superarmor. This means Exeggutor can still take damage/knockback, but it won’t interrupt the move. Getting knocked away is actually a good thing, though, as wherever Exeggutor travels throughout the duration of this move will have Sleep Powder. How kind of the foe to help you spread it around!

Forward Aerial – Slam -

Exeggutor slams his body forwards over .9 seconds with the hitbox coming out after the first .15 seconds, the hitbox being his upper body. This deals 13% and a weak meteor smash that pushes foes down 1.5 Ganondorfs.

Exeggutor has superarmor during this attack. If a foe hits him with a jointed attack from the front anyway, their attack will cause Exeggutor’s heads to crack open and the scrambled eggs within the heads to splatter all over the foe, reversing their controls as if they were hit by the Down Special and bringing Exeggutor out of the move. This is a good attack to let Exeggutor pressure the foe what with the only valid response being dodging, and if they don’t know what button is dodge. . .Fun times!

Back Aerial – Vine Whip -

Exeggutor extends out a pair of vines from his tree top a quarter of a Battlefield Platform backwards over .3 seconds. This hitbox is a grab hitbox and does no damage, but the foe is still perfectly capable of attacking while “grabbed” like this. If they deal more knockback then a Battlefield Platform’s width, then they’ll be free of the grab, but otherwise Exeggutor will pull the foe along with him wherever he goes, the foe unable to move. The foe can also escape this like a traditional grab, but it’s 3x as difficult to escape – and button mashing is rather bad when you could accidentally input something banned from Confusion. . .

Buy why button mash to escape? It’s not like you have to knock Exeggutor very far to get out of this. . .Except for the part where Exeggutor can use his nair or fair, where he –wants- you to attack him and running away isn’t an alternative.

Inputting bair when you already have a foe grabbed has Exeggutor swing around his vines to the opposite side, enabling him to face his foe. If he holds down A as he swings the foe, then he’ll release them as he swings them in that direction, dealing 9% and knockback that kills at 160%.

Up Aerial – Synthesis -

Exeggutor angles his palm leaves on his head upwards to absorb as much sunlight as possible. How much he heals is based off how high in the air he is, and thus how much closer he is to the sun. If he’s under Ganon’s height in the air (And he’s not capable of getting that high outside Leaf Storm with his terrible jumps and high fall speed), he won’t heal at all. If he’s 5 Ganondorfs up, he’ll heal 25% - the max. This is fairly quick, but can only be used once every time Exeggutor’s in the air. While you can get fast healing if you spam this in conjunction with Leaf Storm, having low damage will be irrelevant if you have no recovery.

Down Aerial – Stun Spore -

Exeggutor thrust his upper body downwards as a massive amount of yellow powder comes out of the palm leaves on his head. This is surprisingly fast, and the yellow powder covers an area as wide as Exeggutor and falls faster then Sonic can run, giving this move excellent downward range if used from high up, stunning foes for a nasty 2 seconds, though it’s delayed until they hit the ground to prevent easy gimping. If shorthopped, Exeggutor blocks almost the entirety of the hitbox of the move with his girth.

Aside from giving Exeggutor time to set-up his leaves how he wants or to potentially even set them up under the foe for a leaf storm kill, grabbing the foe won’t interrupt their stun, giving Exeggutor 2 free seconds to levitate them to a hard to recover from position before they can even attempt to escape the grab. This also applies to Sleep Powder, grabbing them with Psychic not waking them up.


Exeggutor extends his upper half forward as his three heads all have entirely blank expressions with their tongues drooling out of their mouths. He proceeds to emit ten purple waves as tall as he is that go all the way to the opposite blast zone, going through anything solid along the way at Luigi’s dashing speed. The distance between them varies – you can spot dodge most of them in succession without missing a beat, but there will be the occasional wave that’s just a bit closer to prevent you from spot dodging them all. You generally have to go over them.

If any of the waves hit, all the other ones vanish as the screen zooms in on the victim as they fall asleep, then shortly after wake up with their eyes swirling. Exeggutor lets out a cry and steps into the background as any scrolling on the stage stops for the 20 second duration of the Final Smash, and you control the foe. Any KOs the victim makes will count for Exeggutor. Sounds a lot like another certain Final Smash, doesn’t it? Oh come on. It’s been 5 MYMs since then. . .

So in 1v1s you just make the foe walk off the edge of the stage, right? Well, you think you’d be able to do that, but Exeggutor’s Hypnosis isn’t perfect – whenever the foe is off-stage they’ll be cpu controlled and only attempt to recover back to the stage. The foe still seems to be resisting Exeggutor’s Hypnosis. . .No matter. You can just make the foe smack themselves in Confusion. Worry not if you didn’t hit the foe with Confusion in advance – if you walk in front of Exeggutor in the background, he’ll automatically use Confusion on the foe if they’re not currently confused – this also applies to any other foes outside the victim. If you do manage to KO the foe before the time is up, then they’ll no longer be hypnotized and the Final Smash will end.


Exeggutor mainly revolves around Confusion to force the foe to avoid certain inputs and reversing the foe’s controls with Egg Bomb/jab/ftilt/fsmash so they don’t know what that banned input is. From there, Exeggutor generally likes to use moves like his dsmash, usmash, fair, and nair (The later 2 often combined with bair) which require rather immediate specific responses from the foe – considering the foe doesn’t know how to do these things, things can get rather awkward, especially if the specific response they have to do just so happens to be blocked by Confusion.

While Exeggutor can pressure if he has Confusion and control reversing going for him, he’s far from what you picture when you think of a rushdown character and likes time to himself to set up scrambled egg traps and razor leaves. To get this time, you can use your dashing attack to place a Barrier behind you (Or potentially in front of you if you’re feeling ballsy), then set up a bit and use your utilt for some anti-air when the foe comes over. If they land on your tree-top, you can hastily lead into an Egg-Bomb as they come down in front of you to start the control reversing up and start fleeing from the foe as you camping at them with Razor Leaves and stacking up other control reversals. With their controls scrambled about, they’ll take longer to approach and will be more likely to actually get hit by the leaves as you continue to flee and set-up. Once you get enough leaves, you can use them to get into the air without wasting a Leaf Storm to either heal yourself, stun the foe, or scramble their controls via uair/dair/Down Special respectively. If you don’t fear the foe that much and are confident they’re fumbling around helplessly, you can just go for a usmash/dsmash as well. Dsmash in particular can get you into the air without requiring set-up as the foe knocks you up, though if you can manage to land the bair (Probably from forcing the foe to approach over a barrier) you can also clash your nair/fair with the foe without getting all that high up.

While you definitely don’t ever want the foe’s controls to unscramble once you’ve gotten them scrambled, you don’t have to feel the need to constantly chase after them to re-scramble their controls. Again, if the foe thinks they’re gaining something by staying away during that time, that’s their mistake, as Exeggutor can just heal with his dsmash/uair. Bait the foe in with the threat of your healing to get them into range to re-reverse their controls and leave them helpless to your tactics.

To actually kill foes, you’re generally lacking in moves with that much knockback despite being a heavyweight. Your best bet would probably be levitating the foe about off-stage farther than they can recover after grabbing them with Psychic. To get more time to do that, you’ll generally want to either hit the foe with Sleep Powder or Stun Spore so you have more time to levitate them around before they can even attempt to escape the grab. To help you land the grab, you can take advantage of Barriers from your Dashing Attack which Psychic is more than capable of grabbing through while being perfectly safe from enemy attack.


Exeggutor Vs. Arcanine: 80/20, Exeggutor’s Favor

Arcanine moving around so stupidly fast and revolving around doing so is bad for him because of the simple threat of running off-stage and killing himself with reversed controls. With Exeggutor’s massive range and how he enjoys time to himself, the “run” part of Arcanine’s hit and run strategy can often do more harm than good. If nothing else, Arcanine will have plenty of time to prepare his buffs, but he’ll certainly need them – the fact that even said buffs can be used against him via Confusion doesn’t make things look any better for him. Exeggutor’s scrambled eggs traps laying on the ground also prove more useful than normal against Arcanine, as the fact that Arcanine keeps running when he lands a grab means he’ll run onto one and trip, freeing Exeggutor from the grab. This means Exeggutor can feel free to whore out his shield if he has his back to a scrambled eggs trap, as Arcanine’s only option to beat it out will just cause Arcanine to trip, making Arcanine struggle all the more to break through Exeggutor’s defenses. Nevermind how Arcanine has no vertical recovery whatsoever, which makes Exeggutor’s main KO method in Levitation depressingly easy to kill with.

Exeggutor Vs. Item Tree: 50/50, Lady Luck’s Favor

There’s no Super Happy Tree or (recent) Whispy Woods moveset for the Item Tree to battle, so she’ll have to settle for Exeggutor. It’s essentially impossible to make a serious match-up ratio for the Item Tree, but you lot don’t like all of those ridiculous ratios anyway, right?

The Item Tree likes time to herself more-so than Exeggutor due to being able to spawn items, and Exeggutor being such a poor aerial combatant means he’ll struggle to get at the Item Tree’s items. Still, the fact the Item Tree is more of a threat when left alone then Exeggutor, Exeggutor will generally have to be the one to approach. . .And why wouldn’t he want to? If he manages to reverse the Item Tree’s controls, she’ll struggle to bring down the items she actually wants to use and will quite possibly end up hurting herself with her own items/fail to prevent even Exeggutor from getting his meaty vines on an item or two.

Killing the Item Tree for Exeggutor is a mixed bag. On the one hand, Exeggutor can ignore the Item Tree’s ridiculous weight by levitating her off-stage. On the other hand, her recovery is a clone of Rob’s, meaning it’s very good. Exeggutor’s stunning moves in Stun Spore/Sleep Powder serve more use then usual though in that they enable the cumbersome Exeggutor to easily get his hands on the Item Tree’s items for good KO options.

The Item Tree can kill Exeggutor with utmost ease, the problem is racking his damage, mainly due to his ability to heal himself and how the Item Tree fails at approaching even more then Exeggutor. Exeggutor’s Barrier proves very annoying for the Item Tree due to her pathetic jumps, her having to dash against it and take the damage to destroy it or use her main recovery move. When she finally gets past it, Exeggutor will already of healed a good bit, and if she knocks him up into the air Exeggutor can just use his dsmash on top of her foliage. Yes, the Item Tree can use her usmash on Exeggutor, but then she’ll hit him higher in the air where he can use his uair for even more healing. Of course, the Item Tree can ignore Exeggutor while he heals to make more items, potentially making him regret leaving the Item Tree alone.
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