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Default Re: Pokemon Ranger~Stand By Me~

Actually, I'm joining right NOW. This seems fun. xD

Species: Starly
Name: Nancy
Age: 15 in human years
Sex: Female
Appearence: A regular Starly's colors, but has the Shiny version's darker areas. Her eyes are bright red from lack of evolution. Despite this, she is a decieving Pokemon. Nancy wears a Power Band around her left wing, and uses five of her feathers on her wings as fingers. The tip of her beak is red with blood as she repeatedly stabbed herself and Cody to take out her anger.
History: Nancy was once a Pokemon caught by her old trainer, Margz. She quickly became friends with her Piplup, Cody. Others laughed at her because they thought the Trainer was crazy for not letting Nancy evolve at all. However, she managed to train and become strong, but she was not allowed to evolve thanks to her Everstone's power to disable evolution. But a year after Margz beat the Elite Four, she was hunted down by Team Annihilation's grunts and captured illegally. Margz was able to get Nancy and her best friend, Cody, now an Empoleon, out from her bag. "Don't worry about me! I'll find a way out someday!" were the last words the Starly ever heard from Margz. She became a sadistic to plain serious, her happiness crushed from being seperated. Her colors changed, and she swore to become stronger to save her (beloved) Margz. Cody was killed in action, and now that left her to go carry out vengeance on Team Annihilation...
Side: Teh Good Guyz
Moves: Brave Bird, Fly, Endeavor, Aerial Ace
Other: Can (somehow) talk to humans. She has a tad bit hard time speaking English, though. Her theme is Alejandro by Lady Gaga. And yes, she is quite like Shadow the Hedgehog.
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